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The CNN crew loved this recipe! You'll love it too.

This is one of my very favorite recipes. adapted from different cooking classes taught by Philip Gelb, vegan chef, of Oakland, California. I make the Fusion Paella recipe frequently in a traditional 17-inch paella pan. On occasion, I also make it in a 12-inch cast iron frying pan with half the ingredients listed below.

What makes this recipe special? In addition to being a gluten free, low-calorie, and high-protein, fusion paella, is the combination of two unique and distinctive flavors. The paella base is made using traditional flavors of Spain, including smoked paprika and saffron. But the tofu topping is marinated with teriyaki, a delicious and traditional flavor of Japan. Two distinct flavors come together for a deliciously unique taste.

I promise you’ll find the combination of these flavors to be amazing and powerful. They’ll make your jaw drop! In fact, I recently made this dish for a CNN camera crew that was filming in my home. They loved it so much it was included in my CNN segment.

But let’s talk tofu, shall we? I often hear people say that they hate tofu. When I ask why, I typically find that they have only tried it once or twice, usually at an Asian restaurant where it was served as slimy white chunks. I also dislike uncooked tofu. But there are many reasons why millions of people around the world eat tofu every day as a complete source of protein and flavorful meat alternative.

Grilled, baked, or sautéed with vegetable broth, tofu is a high protein, low-calorie main ingredient that can be browned and cooked without oil. Tofu is a chameleon food and has little flavor of its own. After first pressing out the water and then rehydrating the tofu with a flavorful marinade, it will become imbued with the flavor of the marinade.

You’re likely familiar with the popular whole grain, quinoa. The benefits of tofu are similar to those of quinoa. Both are a complete protein, gluten-free, and have little taste of their own, making each the perfect food to take on any flavor you like. You’ll love this fusion paella, vegan, gluten-free recipe!

Check out two of my recently published tofu recipes: Baked Tofu Chunks with Star Anise Marinade and Baked Tofu Chunks with Cajun Spice Rub.

Equipment Recommended:

1. 17-inch carbon steel paella pan, seasoned (optional, 12-inch cast iron skillet)
2. Tofu press

If you prefer to cut the recipe in half, I recommend using a 12-inch cast iron skillet instead of the paella pan.

When looking for an impressive recipe for a special occasion, look no further than Fusion Paella. If have you read my book, Walking with Peety, or plan to, you will understand just why this recipe is a real crowd pleaser.

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