Get BIG Results with These 1-Minute Exercises

1 minute to keep you active

Imagine speeding up your fitness progress without adding hours to your gym routine or cutting back on calories!

One easy way to boost fitness progress is to ensure you stay active all day long. Even if you go to the gym every day, spending long sedentary periods at a desk can still impact your metabolism. So, as recent research suggests, spreading your activity throughout the day can be more beneficial to your health than a single, hours-long gym session. And to help keep you active, we’re challenging you to complete these 1-minute exercises.

Try completing 1-2 of the exercises every hour. Each of these eight moves produce results quickly if done on an ongoing basis. Below, we’ve included videos showing you how to perform each move. Remember, using proper form helps prevent injuries and ensures you’re getting the most out of your workout.

1. Mountain Climbers

A full minute of mountain climbers will leave your heart racing. Additionally, it’s great for your core, arms, and shoulders.

2. Reverse Lunge with Front Kick

This combo move is a calorie-burning, muscle-building exercise. Try doing one minute on each side for optimal results.

3. Sumo Squats

Sumo squats are similar to regular squats, but with a wider stance. The wide stance focuses your efforts on the inner thigh, targeting difficult areas.

4. Walking Lunge

Other than squats, lunges are some of the best lower body moves because they burn calories while challenging your muscles. Try doing a minute of walking lunges to break down sedentary periods.

5. Plank Hip Twist

The plank hip twist is not as easy as it looks. This move is great for targeting your arms and obliques, the muscles running down the side of your torso.

6. Plank

Like hip twists, the regular plank is also harder than it looks. Try holding plank position for a full minutes. It will leave your arms shaking!

7. Skaters

Another great cardio move! Skaters are a quick way to get moving. They engage your entire body, raise your heart rate, and are actually kind of fun to do!

8. Burpees

Our final exercise is the burpee. Burpees are a total-body move that can easily be adapted for different fitness levels. They’re a fast way to burn calories and grow stronger.

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