Gym Etiquette

Proper gym etiquette is key!

As gym memberships soar in January, it is the perfect time to review gym member etiquette so that we can all shine as the super motivated athletes that we are.

The pressures of daily life make it imperative to multi-task and take full advantage of every minute of our busy days. The gym can offer refuge from the never-ending to do list, and allow us to take even thirty minutes to focus on ourselves and our health.

When spending time at the gym it is important to remember these seven things for a successful WORKOUT:

W- Weights: When working out with weights, be sure to return them to their proper home after using them. It helps to keep the gym neat, and from fellow members or staff having to clean up after you.

O- Others: Be sure to let others take turns when using the equipment, especially during peak times. When you are working with weights you can switch off with someone in between reps.

R- Ringer: We are all attached to our phones, but nobody wants to hear yours ring during a workout. Switch it to vibrate and keep the call brief if you have to answer. If the call will be longer than a few seconds, hold your machine with a towel and talk in the hallway.

K- Keep Quiet: Some people come to the gym to zone out. When talking to someone on a neighboring machine keep your volume low.

O- Odor: Stash an extra deodorant in your gym locker or gym bag. You want people to notice your physique, not your body odor!

U- Use a Towel: It is polite to wipe machines down after you use them. Many gyms offer antibacterial wipes for this purpose.

T- Time limits: During peak times, it is every members’ responsibility to respect the time limits on cardio machines. Most gyms ask that you keep your workout to 30 minutes on each piece of equipment.

We hope these tips lead to successful gym workouts!

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