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See results in a fraction of the time you normally workout!

Why workout for an hour when you can accomplish your goals in less than half the time? If you’re not familiar with High Intensity Interval Training, you may have been missing out. HIIT routines combine the muscular benefits of weightlifting with the cardio benefits of endurance exercises such as running or spinning. The end result is a workout which makes you stronger but also leaves your metabolism on overdrive, allowing you to burn fat throughout the day.

This calendar focuses on HIIT workouts to give you fat blasting and body toning results in just 4 weeks. You’ll be sweating, sore, and out of breath, but most importantly, you’ll notice an amazing change once the 4 weeks are up. Each week has a variety of 6 HIIT workouts all meant to target various areas of your body. Some workouts focus on specific body parts which will give you an amazing burn, but the circuit exercises will be the real challenge!

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For a quick overview of H.I.I.T routines, check out our Complete Guide to Interval Training.

Equipment Needed: yoga mat or soft surface, one lightweight set (3-5 lbs), one medium dumbbell set(8-12 lbs), one heavy set(15-20 lbs)dual grip medicine ball (8-12 lbs) chair or 12″ step, BOSU ball and interval timer

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