Homemade Dryer Sheets With Essential Oils

Yummy-smelling, eco-friendly, and uber easy!

Imagine slipping into silky-smooth, irresistible-smelling clothes every time you get changed. We’re talking lovely aromas that’ll have you subtly sniffing your shirt and jacket all morning long when no one’s looking. The quickest, easiest way to feel fresh and clean in your clothes involves using dryer sheets. Not only do dryer sheets add a light and delicate fragrance to your clothes, but they also keep your fabrics feeling soft and huggable.

Unfortunately, seemingly harmless dryer sheets you’d pick up at the store contain a boatload of harsh, synthetic chemicals. Conventional dryer sheets contain chemicals which can infiltrate your clothes and get into your skin. Some even compromise your health and take a toll on your nervous system! Numerous store-bought detergent products contain Alpha-Terpineol, Benzyl Alcohol, or Camphor, all of which can instigate a laundry list of health issues including nervous system disorders, headaches, and nausea.

Luckily, you can still slip into luxurious, lovely-smelling shirts and shorts by making your own dryer sheets at home! With the help of essential oils, you can have pleasantly smelling fabrics the natural way, without incorporating heavily fragranced products into your regime.

Certain essential oils add a delightful scent to your items. However, they also come with soothing, anxiety-relieving benefits that can boost your mental and physical health. Well, what are you waiting for? Ditch the brand-name dryer sheets and make you own with these terrific DIY tips!

Homemade dryer sheets are super easy. Plus, they’re seriously eco-friendly. You can use them again and again, making them a no-brainer against their toxic, store-bought counterparts!

What you need:

Sealable container

1 cup white vinegar

20-25 drops essential oil

Cotton cloths, old fabric squares, washcloths, etc.


Combine vinegar and essential oil in the first sealable container and shake the mixture vigorously. Dunk your cloths into the mixture, seal the container, and let them sit for at least an hour. When you’re ready to wash laundry, simply grab a cloth from the container, ring out excess liquid, and toss it in the dryer.

Choosing an essential oil: The best part about this project is you can totally personalize it to suit your preference. That said, we could offer you countless yummy smelling essential oil ideas that work well, but the oils that reign supreme when used as fabric softener include:

Essential oils offer numerous health benefits, both mental and physical. Learn more about the magic of essential oils by checking out Your Guide to Essential Oils.

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