How to Avoid Stress During the Day

Keep calm and carry on with these tips.

Can we avoid stress? Not entirely. What we can do is change how we deal with the challenges we face, whether they’re related to family, friends, work—or all three! We’re sharing our top tips for how to avoid stress during the day.

Stress creates a domino effect within the body that can have long-lasting and serious health consequences. Chronic stress contributes to high blood pressure, insomnia, diabetes, heart conditions, clinical depression, and headaches. Unrelieved stress plays a role in obesity as well; research suggests the body processes food differently during stressful times by encouraging belly fat accumulation [1].

The search for stress-relieving techniques that work sometimes leads us to make unhealthy choices. For example, you may find yourself relying on a glass of wine every night to wind down. Perhaps you’re diving into a bag of chips every time you feel stressed or anxious.

Don’t allow stress to nudge you into a lifestyle that may lead down the path toward obesity or poor health. Instead learn how to avoid stress in healthy ways. Check out the stress relief tips below, and then learn more in 6 Tips to Help You Avoid Stress Eating.

1. Exercise.
Working out regularly does so much more than help us lose weight. Exercise releases endorphins, a brain chemical that acts as a natural stress reliever. Visit Skinny Ms. Fitness to find a workout that’s just your speed, whether you need a Low-Impact Total Body Workout or a 15-Minute Total Body Fat Blaster.

2. Breathe deeply.
Deep breathing, sometimes called abdominal breathing, lowers stress hormones and relaxes muscles so you’ll physically feel less tense. Inhale slowly, up to a 7 count (but no higher), and then exhale through the mouth, up to an 8 count. Repeat several times.

3. Meditate.
Meditation is an ancient practice that’s one of the most effective stress-relieving techniques because it activates the parasympathetic system, sometimes called the Rest-and-Digest Response. While meditating the blood pressure decreases, breathing slows, and muscles relax. It’s simple to learn and takes only a few minutes each day. Learn How to Find Time to Meditate.

4. Plan meals.
“What’s for dinner?” If that question strikes fear in your heart, then it’s time to take the hassle out of daily meals. Set aside time before each grocery trip to plan out the week’s meals. Visit Skinny Ms. Meal Planning Resources for the recipes and tips you need to take the stress out of mealtime.

5. Laugh.
No joke–laughter boosts oxygen intake, slows the stress response, and triggers muscle relaxation. So make a joke, laugh with friends–and even laugh at yourself sometimes:-)

6. Get better sleep.
When you want to know how to avoid stress, one of the most effective techniques might be found after the sun goes down. Without shut-eye, you’re already starting the day with your body in a stressed state. Proper sleep provides the foundation you need to take on the day’s challenges.

7. Introduce a daily ritual.
Maybe one of the most pleasant stress-relieving techniques, a ritual gives you a relaxing focal point. For example, fix yourself a cup of herbal tea, like Rosemary and Lemon Herbal Tea, every afternoon, or write in a gratitude journal every morning. Need another relaxing option? Treat your skin to DIY Avocado Body Butter before bedtime.

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