How To Get Toned Triceps in 3 Moves

Target one of the trickiest parts of your body!

You’re fit. You choose healthy breakfast options, pack healthy snacks, and select clean, whole foods at the grocery store. You’re jogging regularly, strength training, and cooling down with yoga. But unless you’re doing specific exercises which target your triceps, you may still notice that the underside of your arms are not as firm as you’d like them to be. This triceps workout is simple enough to do at home, and will tighten your arms in just weeks.

Equipment Needed: Set of light-medium dumbbells (5-12 lbs) and a chair

What to Do: Perform each exercise for 12 reps and rest 1 minute in between each exercise. Complete this workout 2-3 times a week on non-consecutive days for amazing results.

Beginner Level: 2 rounds
Intermediate Level: 3 rounds
Advanced Level: 4 rounds

1. Tricep Push-up

2. Tricep Kickback

3. Chair Dip

Additional Tips for Success

1. To get better results, squeeze at the peak of every exercise to really get your triceps burning.
2. Stretching is important, but you might also try a foam roller to get the knots out of your triceps more quickly.
3. For the chair dip, you can alternate legs to help engage your core.
4. Rotate your hands toward the end of the triceps kickbacks. Instead of your palms facing each other, they will face upwards.
5. Switch the routine up occasionally, so that your body doesn’t get used to the same moves in the same sequence.

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