How to Make Chocolate Mice

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Mice in the kitchen? Eek!


No need for alarm—these little guys are as delicious as they are adorable. A modification of our Homemade Date Chocolate Truffles, these mice have a variety of uses—from being a scary Halloween treat to cute critters created for consumption.

Turn your kitchen into a mad scientist’s lab as you piece together these sweet treats packed to the brim with fiber and antioxidants. Follow this simple and quick guide on how to turn these truffles into mice, and you’ll be a kitchen wizard in no time.

1. Begin by following the Homemade Date Chocolate Truffles recipe. 

2. Instead of rolling the truffles into balls, make four parts for the mice’ bodies, two ears, and the tail. 

3. Leave in the fridge for 10 minutes. Roll the mouse parts in cocoa and/or in coconut.

4. Attach the ears and tail to the body. If the balls are too stiff to stick, use toothpicks to hold them together (but don’t forget about them when you go to eat the mice!).

5. Use chocolate chips for the nose and eyes. For whiskers you can cut thin strips of coconut. Push the mouth using a toothpick.

6. Place in the fridge for a few hours before serving. Enjoy!
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