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Boost your immune system by eating your way to health!

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For overall better health, radiant energy, and a feeling of vitality, enjoy super foods. A diet that contains superfoods can help you be “super” healthy, not to mention add tons of delicious flavors to your diet.  Superfoods will maximize your body’s intake of antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids, which will increase your body’s levels of vital nutrients.

ORAC and Immune Health
ORAC, or Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity, is a system of measuring and rating the antioxidant capacity of different foods and dietary supplements. Developed by scientists at the National Institutes of Health, the ORAC score of a food can give you an idea of its ability to protect your body’s cells from the damage caused by free radicals. The oxidative process and free radical damage can damage cells, DNA, and even cause cellular death. Free radicals also contribute to premature aging and a variety of health problems. Foods with high ORAC values are often called “super-foods”, because they can help boost your immune system and protect your body from these damaging free radicals.

Check the ORAC value of your favorite foods here.

Top 5 Superfoods to Boost Immunity:

Green Tea – This tasty tea contains compounds that not only provide powerful antioxidant value, but these same compounds also can help reduce fat storage (especially in the abdominal region). These antioxidants, called catechins, defend the body against damaging free radicals and are highly concentrated. Green tea’s unique catechins (antioxidants) include epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), which can offer a variety of health benefits, including an incredible boost to your immune system. Try this Orange-Pomegranate Green Tea Recipe for a super antioxidant boost.

Turmeric – With an ORAC value of 127,068, you can bet that turmeric acts as an effective antioxidant for your immune system and offers free radical protection. Why? Turmeric contains an active compound, called curcumin, that not only boosts immune function, but also protects your body from cellular damage. In addition to its antioxidant capacity, it also stimulates digestion, promotes normal cholesterol levels, and can kill bacteria and viruses. Why not add this tasty spice to a stew or your other favorite recipes?

Sweet Potato – The orange flesh of sweet potatoes contains beta-carotene, the compound responsible for its bright hue and its antioxidant capacity. These superior spuds offer antioxidant properties that boost immunity, along with other benefits, including those related to proper digestion. Sweet potatoes contain nutrients, like high amounts of vitamin A, vitamin C, dietary fiber, and essential minerals, too! For nutritious ways to get more potatoes on your plate, check out this great Skinny Ms. Article!

Cupuacu – Have you heard of Cupuacu and its antioxidant capacity? This tasty fruit is a relative of cocoa and has been called “the pharmacy of the Amazon”. It is able to benefit the digestive system, improve energy levels, and treat a variety of ailments. The unique compounds found in this superfood, called theobromides, improve alertness, like caffeine, but without the jitters.

Blueberries – These delicious little berries get their dark coloring from a certain antioxidant compound. This same compound is also found in the Acai berry, along with red grapes. These antioxidant compounds, called anthocyanins, help to protect your heart from the risk of cardiovascular disease, can help improve night vision, and can reduce blood glucose levels. Check out this Blue Paradise Smoothie Recipe from Skinny Ms. here.

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