4 Moves to Lift and Tighten Your Butt

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Butt, booty, backside, bum, glutes…whatever you call it, this workout is made to lift and tighten your butt. The gluteus consists of four muscles, the maximus, medius, minimus, and the tensor fasciae latae.  The following exercises are designed to hit all angles of the gluteus.

4 Moves to Lift and Tighten Your Butt

Equipment Needed: One set of medium weights(8-12 lbs), yoga mat or soft surface

What to Do: Review the videos below for demonstrations of each exercise. Perform 15 repetitions of each exercise; rest up to 30 seconds after each round of exercises are complete.

Beginner Level: Perform 1 round.
Intermediate Level: Perform 3 rounds.
Advanced Level: Perform 4 rounds.


1. Plié Squat
2. Leg Extension
3. Side Lunge (15 each side)
4. Straight-Legged Deadlifts

Plié Squat

Hip Extension

Side Lunge

Straight-Legged Deadlifts

What did you think of this workout designed to lift and tighten your butt? Let us know in the comment section, below!

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2 Comments on "4 Moves to Lift and Tighten Your Butt"

  1. Martha  October 3, 2017

    How many times a week should this be done? 🙂

    • Gale Compton  October 4, 2017

      Martha, I typically do this or something similar 2-3 times weekly. 🙂


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