Top 10 Marathons To Add to Your Bucket List

Run for fun. Run for good health. Run for the "I did it"!

“I just ran a marathon!” I wish that I could exclaim those words. It would be great to feel the adrenaline rush as I cross over the finish line. I wish that I could see the happy faces of all of the others who finished the same marathon–crossed the same finish line. Maybe I could hear the beating of my incredibly happy heart after crossing that finish line and seeing those happy faces. If you haven’t already guessed it, running a marathon is on my bucket list.

Actually, there are ten marathons on my bucket list and I would honestly love to run all of them. Yup, that’s right. I have never run a marathon, but I’d sure love to be able to check off the ten that are on my bucket list. So, if you’re like me and haven’t ran one before, but want to, don’t worry! It is SO possible! Here, at SkinnyMs, we have tons of tips for how to start training. Tips for Running Your First Marathon is just one of my favorites.

Check out that article, make sure you’re fueling your body with healthy, nutrient-dense foods, and discover which marathons to add to your bucket list by reading my top ten below! 26.2 miles has nothing on us!

1. Walt Disney World Marathon

First up is the Walt Disney World Marathon because I can’t think of anywhere better to run than at the Happiest Place on Earth! I’ve always wanted this marathon to be my very first. I just know that regardless of my time at the end or how I feel during the run, I’d be happy all the way through. How could I not running in such a fun atmosphere? I mean, their website even calls the event “the most magical race on Earth”!

2. New York City Marathon

New York City has a special place in my heart. I have so many wonderful memories with my family in the city. From taking terrible family photos in front of the famous Rockefeller Christmas tree, to eating at our favorite hole-in-the-wall Italian restaurant, to walking aimlessly through Central Park, the city is made of memories.

Even if this isn’t true for you, the city is just waiting for you to make your own memories. I, personally, can’t think of a better memory to make than running a marathon there!

3. Chicago Marathon

This marathon is yet another way (a very fit and healthy way) to explore a wonderful city. The route leads runners through 29 neighborhoods in Chicago, which is just one of the reasons why I placed this marathon on my bucket list. I’m always looking for more fit and healthy ways to do the things I’ve always wanted to do, and this marathon is a fit and healthy way for me (and you) to see the city of Chicago!

4. Honolulu Marathon

The Honolulu Marathon is one of the largest marathons in the United States, which makes it such a great event to be a part of! On top of that, running it means running in Hawaii (which is amazing in and of itself) and getting an official shirt and medal after completing it. Plus, there isn’t a limit on how many people can run it. So, grab all of your friends and family members who love running and get this marathon written down on your bucket list!

5. Marine Corps Marathon

“Run with purpose, finish with pride!” That’s the Marine Corps Marathon’s slogan and the number one reason for why you should be jotting this marathon down on your bucket list right now. This marathon has even been known to be great for beginners. Throw those beginner-excuses out the window and “run with purpose, and finish with pride”!

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