Top 10 Marathons To Add to Your Bucket List

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6.  San Francisco Marathon

Running this marathon is truly taking the scenic route. Imagine running over the Golden Gate Bridge with thousands of other people–older people, younger people, people who are experienced marathoners, people who are first-time marathoners–by your side, cheering and running toward the same end goal. When I imagine such an experience, I can’t help but notice how the hair on my arms stands up with excitement.

I hate to say it, but all of that excitement is not due to just running the marathon and connecting with tons of other people. A good part of it also comes from picturing myself running over the bridge that I so often “ooo”ed and “awh”ed at while watching Full House as a kid (which may just be another thing on my bucket list).

Whatever your reason is, any reason is a good enough one to run this marathon!

7. Shamrock Marathon

This race is a St. Patrick’s Day tradition in Virginia. It started in 1973 and has been going on since. It allows everyone who participates to spread the luck of the Irish! The course is flat–making it especially great for first-time marathoners, and it provides the summer-esque view of the ocean. It sounds like a great way to spend the lucky holiday, if you ask me!

8. Anchorage Mayor’s Marathon

This 40-year-old summer solstice tradition is an exciting way to explore Alaska. If we both decide to check this marathon off of our bucket lists, we would be starting the race at Delaney Park. We’d finish there, too! Oh, and let’s not forget that after completing the race, we’d be off to the post-race festivities at the Summer Solstice Festival in Times Square. That makes for two worthwhile experiences in one day!

9. St. Jude Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon

The title of this race sounds as upbeat as it really is. It takes place in Nashville, Tennessee. There, runners are cheered on by live bands playing along the course. So, leave those earphones at home! You won’t be needing them while you run–not when you have the real deal filling your ears with upbeat songs to run to!

The course is also lined with cheer teams! So, although I wouldn’t advise you to leave your motivation at home with your earphones, you will be getting plenty of it if you decide to run this marathon.

Another great element of this particular marathon is that you’re also given the opportunity to become a St. Jude Hero. In doing so, you will be raising money for children with cancer while you train for the marathon. More than just your health can be benefited from running this race. You can help better the health of numerous children, too!

10. Boston Marathon

Known by so many people all over the world, this marathon brings in over 30,000 determined runners. That’s a lot more than the 18 runners who participated in the first Boston Marathon in 1897!

Competition is fun for me, and also one of the most powerful driving factors for me. Working toward winning such a competition is a great reason to run this marathon in my mind. And being apart of something that’s been around since 1897 would be great, too. It would be so amazing to be apart of something that’s been around for hundreds of year. This is especially true when that something brings thousands of people together by doing something they all love: running.

This is a reason to take part in any and all of these marathons. It’s the reason why I want to be able to check these marathons off of my bucket list. It’s the reason why you should want to do the same. That, and the fact that you will be bettering your health and overall wellness by doing so, too. If I can work toward running a marathon, or two…or ten, then you, too, can do it! Let’s add these top ten marathons to our bucket lists together and check them off together, too!

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