7 Minutes To A Slimmer Waist

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What is it about a slim waist that’s so appealing? A slim waist reveals two things about you: you know how to work hard to get a flat belly, and it reveals those curves that love to hide behind layers of fat. Our 7 Minutes To A Slimmer Waist workout is the perfect fast-paced ab workout to trim the fat from all sides of your midsection.

In order to get the best out of your abs, you’re going to need to add resistance. Medicine balls are a fun and unique weighted equipment. Their shape forces you to use minor muscle to hold them steady while targeting the major muscle group you’re working on; in this case, it’s your abs. This workout will give you multi muscle group focused work with minimal rest. Get ready to focus on balancing and building.

7 Minutes To A Slimmer Waist

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What to Do: Perform each exercise for 40 seconds without rest in between. Complete two rounds, resting for 20 seconds in between each round. Perform this workout four times a week.

What You’ll Need: A yoga mat, a medicine ball (10 to 20 pounds), and an interval timer (available on most phones).

  1. Medicine Ball Standing Rotations
  2. Russian Twist w/Medicine Ball
  3. Medicine Ball Pike
  4. Mountain Climber w/Medicine Ball
  5. Medicine Ball Plank

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Medicine Ball Standing Rotations

Russian Twist w/Medicine Ball 

Medicine Ball Pike

Mountain Climber w/Medicine Ball 

Medicine Ball Plank

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