One Day Push-Up Challenge

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Today, challenge yourself to complete 100 push-ups. The push-ups can be divided up over the period of the entire day. For example:

11:00 a.m.- 25 push-ups
2:00 p.m – 25 push-ups
5:00 p.m.- 25 push-ups
8:00 p.m.- 25 push-ups

Push-ups are perfect for toning and tightening the entire upper body…here’s how:

1)  Flex tricep muscles as you return to the starting postion
2)  Keep abs tight throughout the movement
3)  Squeeze shoulder blades together as you return to the starting position

I’ve included 4 variations so everyone can complete the challenge, regardless of fitness level. Review the videos below to find your favorite push-ups…be sure to challenge yourself!

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Use a desk, kitchen counter top or bathroom vanity

Military push-up

Spartan Push-up

Knee Push-up

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