Quick and Easy Workouts for People Who Have Zero Time In Their Day

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In the fast-paced lifestyle of today, it’s often hard to find time for self-care. We might have the motivation and good intentions, but still can’t make it to the gym as often as we’d like. For those days when we just don’t have the time, there’s these quick and easy workouts to tide us over.

The good news is that getting in shape doesn’t require a huge time commitment. You can get results without spending hours at the gym. In fact, a lot of recent research suggests that using high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is more effective than drawn out workouts. Interval workouts are a lot shorter than traditional workouts. And since they’re less monotonous, most people find them to be a lot more fun!

Below, we’ve got some effective workouts you can do in 20 minutes, 10 minutes, 5 minutes or less! Don’t forget to spend a little time warming up and cooling down, as this can help you avoid injury. Other than that, get to it!

1. 20-Minute Upper Body Blast Circuit

This upper body circuit mainly targets the arms, with a little bit of abs thrown in. You’ll be doing 4 rounds lasting 5 minutes each. There’s no break in between the rounds, which means that as you progress, muscle exhaustion will make it even harder for you to complete the moves. Don’t give up! Push yourself to the limit to get the results you want.

2. 20-Minute Booty Blast Circuit

And for lower body, do the 20-Minute Booty Blast Circuit. It’ll target mainly the gluteus muscle, with some quad and hamstring thrown in. Just like with the upper body blast, you’ll be doing four rounds with no break in between. By the time you’re done with the twenty minutes your booty will be burning!

3. 15-Minute Arm Sculpting Workout

If you don’t even have 20 minutes to spare, try a 15-minute workout instead! This is the workout of sleeveless dresses, swimsuits, and tank tops. It’ll tighten and tone your triceps and biceps to give you firm upper arms you’ll want to show off.

4. 15-Minute Indoor Bodyweight HIIT

For this workout, you don’t even have to leave your bedroom. All you need is an interval timer, and soft surface such as a mat, towel, or carpet. We put together some of our favorite no-equipment moves to give you a total-body cardio and strength workout you can do almost anywhere.

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