This Refrigerator Hack Will Change Your Life

Check out this kitchen hack that will change your life!

Do you ever find yourself throwing out veggies because you just weren’t able to cook or eat them fast enough? Sometimes it can be pretty frustrating when you continuously replenish you stock of vegetables, but they seem to rot or spoil in a heartbeat. If you find yourself in this position, you’ve stumbled across the right article. This refrigerator hack will change your life!

The secret? Stop throwing out your stemmed veggies and start storing them upright like flowers.

Vertical storage is the most efficient method of storage, especially in the refrigerator. When storing upright, the possibilities and perks are endless. Stored upright, vegetables can even be kept inside the refrigerator door, allowing you to maximize space! Plus, the veggies will stay fresh far longer than if kept in a plastic bag, cotton tote, or even a produce bin. For example, a kale bunch can stay good for over a week in a jar if you refresh the water. This nearly doubles the life span of store bought kale stored in a plastic wrapper. Other vegetables that can be kept this way include long stemmed spinach, celery, herbs, leeks, and asparagus. Carrots can also be submerged in water, either with the tops cut off or in sticks. Keeping the water fresh will help them last even longer.

An added benefit that comes from this hack is that it provides you with more visibility of your veggies. When you are able to see them more, especially when vibrant and fresh, you are more likely to eat them!

To start using this hack as soon as possible, here are some simple instructions:

  • Remove anything that binds, like rubber bands or twist ties
  • Cut the stem at an angle
  • Place in fresh water using a wide mouthed mason jar or cup

It’s as simple as that and the benefits are quite rewarding!

Once you are able to implement this hack, your veggies start lasting a lot longer and you can use them in a multitude of ways! Check out some of our recipes here.

For more tips on saving room in the refrigerator, check out this guide from the Berkeley Farmer’s Market. You might be surprised that many foods don’t need to be refrigerated at all!

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