Resistance Band Booty Builder Workout

Shape, sculpt, and lift your booty with this resistance band workout in just minutes a day!

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The key to building a perfectly round butt is small, lightweight, and is made completely out of rubber! Resistance loop bands may be tiny, but they are highly-effective at shaping and toning muscle. This resistance band booty builder workout will show you all of the best exercises to perform in order to build the derriere of your dreams!

Each of the exercises included in this routine will target your glute muscles from different angles to ensure that you will build a perfectly sculpted butt. You don’t need a bunch of expensive, heavy gym equipment to get your muscles burning. Another benefit of resistance bands is that you can complete a loop band routine from anywhere, in just a few short minutes. Resistance loop bands are definitely one piece of equipment that every girl should have at-hand!

The Workout

What you need: Resistance Loop Bands / a Towel or Yoga Mat

What to do: Perform each exercise for the designated number of reps. Complete the specified number of rounds for your fitness level.

Beginner: 1 Round

Intermediate: 3 Rounds

Advanced: 5 Rounds

We’ve included instructional videos for each exercise at the bottom of this post.

  1. Loop Band Squats – 10 Repetitions

  2. Resisted Monster Walks – 20 Repetitions (Alternating)

  3. Side Plank Clams – 10 Repetitions (Per Side)

  4. Lying Single-Leg Hamstring Curl – 10 Repetitions (Per Leg)

  5. Hip Bridge Pulse – 10 Repetitions

  6. Donkey Kicks – 10 Repetitions (Per Leg)

Instructional Videos

Loop Band Squats

Resisted Monster Walks

Side Plank Clams

Lying Single-Leg Hamstring Curl

Note: You can perform this with shoes on by placing the band around your ankles instead of your toes.

Hip Bridge Pulse

Donkey Kicks


Did you feel the burn?! This resistance band booty builder workout is no joke! In combination with a healthy, high-protein diet, you will see (and feel) some serious results with this routine after only a few weeks.

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Because this workout is easy on the joints, you can perform it up to 5 times per week! As it begins to feel easier, you can use a thicker band and perform another round or two of the exercises.

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