Running Your First 5k is Easier Than You Think

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Running your first 5K is a lot easier than you think. Why? Because whatever may be holding you back is only in your head. No matter what your fitness level, the thought of a race — especially if you’ve never done one before — can be intimidating. You may be unsure of what to expect, but have no fear!

Here are reasons to be confident about your first race:

-Everyone is a beginner at some point. When lining up at the starting line, you’ll notice that many “leisure” runners stick to the back of the line. Stand there as well!

-People walk and interval run. Not everyone is going to sprint to the finish. You’ll find the runners are at all fitness levels, shapes, sizes and ages. Walk when you must, and jog when you can. Remember, this is your workout and your goal — no one else’s.

-You’re supporting the community or a non-profit. Many races are fundraisers. You’re hitting one of your fitness goals and helping others at the same time.

-Adrenaline will push you through. Races are exciting. People are cheering for you. You’ll likely do better than you think.

-It’s friendly out there. Some racers will encourage you and talk with you while running. People will give you water. They want you to do well.

-You don’t have to win first place.You’ll feel great just from having completed the race.Now, just get out there. Ask a friend to join you and pick a race that means something to you. For example, if you have cancer survivors in your family, you may want to complete a race to benefit cancer research.

Also, many races also offer a designated walk or one mile “fun run.” Do some research, sign up and see for yourself. You’ll be doing your first 5K in no time!

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Written by: ~ Gwen Meise. Gwen is a writer, fitness instructor and nursing student. For fitness/nutrition tips and workouts, “like” her Fit Friends page on Facebook.

6 Comments on "Running Your First 5k is Easier Than You Think"

  1. Tara  January 14, 2012

    I ran my 1st 10k on New Years Day! My goal was to finish and I did! My entire life I hated the whole concept of running until I finished this 10k. It really made me realize that I can do anything and there are so many supportive people out there who don't know you and motivate you along the way. So download that couch to 5 k app for your smart phone and do it, you won't regret it!

    • Skinny Ms.  January 14, 2012

      Fantastic!! Congratulations to you…you deserve it!

  2. Ambar  February 5, 2013

    CONGRATS!!! I just signed up for my first 5K, coming up in April and I'm a bit scared but hopefully it all goes well 🙂

  3. Brandon  April 24, 2013

    These are some good pointers. I've been running for a couple years now but recently I've been trying to get my mother to start running. She was very apprehensive at first. LIke you mentioned, I explained to her that everyone starts somewhere. She finally agreed to run the Color Run, I guess because it's more of a fun run than a serious run. I was ecstatic! We ran together a couple of times, but she started getting worried. I told her that she's already got the distance down, she was eating right, and the excitement of the race would push her through. To make a long story not much longer, we ran the race and she did great! I'm trying to get her to run a 10k now. I think she will if she'll get rid of the negative voices in her head. I think races like the Color Run make it easier for people to start running because they're fun. here's my full review of The Color Run:
    Maybe this could get some of your loved ones interested!? There are other theme-based runs out there too. Look them up in your area!

    • Skinny Ms.  April 25, 2013

      Brandon, Thanks so much for your comment. I love your vegan pizza recipe. Send me an email if you like, would love to share your recipe with our readers! 🙂 [email protected]


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