7 Safety Tips for Exercising at Night

Make the most out of your nighttime run!

Exercise and fitness are important to your physical and mental health. When it comes to your exercise routine there are many things to consider—what you enjoy doing enough to stick with, what your goals are, and how to stay properly fueled for optimal performance. If you’re a person who likes to exercise outside, work and family obligations may make it next to impossible—especially this time of year when the days are shorter and darker—to get your fit on during daylight. If you are a jogger, you are probably aware of some of the dangers of jogging at dusk or the nighttime. With a few safety considerations, you can sweat safely during the nighttime hours.

1. Always tell someone when and where you are going, as well as what time you expect to return. Once you decide on a route and share it with others, stick to it.

2. Carry personal identification, such as a license or ID card. If you have a medical condition that EMTs would need to know about in an emergency, such as an allergy to certain medications, be sure that info is written down and stored in the same location as your identification.

3. Carry a cell phone. Also be aware of public phones along your route, in case you are out of a service area, or your phone is lost or stolen.

4. Wear reflective clothing and carry a flashing device so vehicles can see you. Most manufacturers of shoes and exercise clothing have apparel designed specifically to be seen in the dark. You can also try and adjust your route so that it is within areas that are well-lit.

5. Try not to use headphones to listen to music. If there is an accident or vehicle that loses control outside of your field of vision, you may not hear the impending danger coming towards you before you are able to see it. Allow yourself to hear everything around you without distraction – it may just give you enough time to react if something happens.

6. Move against the flow of traffic, so you are aware of oncoming vehicles.

7. Follow all pedestrian and biking laws, such as crossing in designated crosswalks.

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Christina Stoltz is a professional health enthusiast and owns a fitness studio named Ploome, which offers Pilates classes in Philadelphia. She has been featured in Forbes Magazine and several leading business publications.

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