Sexy Shoulder Workout

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Let’s develop, define and beautify our shoulders! Beautiful shoulders are eye catching in cute dresses and tops. Luckily, shoulders can be developed in less time than most other muscle groups. So, let’s get started!

Equipment Needed: 2-4 sets of dumbbells of varying weights; chair; exercise ball or flat bench

What To Do: Perform each exercise for 12 reps with no rest between exercises. Rest 30-45 seconds between circuits and increase weight with each circuit. Watch all video demonstrations before beginning this workout.

Beginner Level: Complete the following circuit 1 time.
Intermediate Level: Complete the following circuit 2 times.
Advanced Level: Complete the following circuit 3 times.


1. Side Lateral Raises
2. Front Raises – 12 reps each arm
3. Military Press – you can also do this seated
4. Shrugs
5. Dumbbell Upright Rows

Side Lateral Raises

Front Raises

Military Press


Dumbbell Upright Rows

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