7 Day Get Moving Challenge for Beginners

Seven days to start on the body of your dreams!

workout challenge for beginners

Shape Up Size Down, a new kind of fitness that’s for anyone and everyone, regardless of size, weight or age.

7 Day Get Moving Challenge involves, you guessed it…movement! Here’s how it works:

The movement involved is walking with high knees. This challenge is about giving every 100%, whatever that is for you. There are 3 versions to this challenge, choose the version that’s challenging, but doable. If you think you can only lift your feet 2″ off the floor, do your very best to lift them 2 1/2″.

If you walk a lot at work or around the house, it doesn’t count for this challenge. You must do deliberate walking specifically for this challenge. In other words, your only focus will be to perform the chosen workout.

If you perform a workout and feel that you can do one more challenging, then choose one at a higher level of difficulty. Choose from either: Version A, B or C. Each routine will be completed 3 times daily for 7 days continuously. For example:

7 a.m. Complete chosen routine
1 p.m. Complete chosen routine
6 p.m. Complete chosen routine

Choose your 7 Day Get Moving Challenge below. To perform this challenge you will need water for hydration, a second hand to time routines, and commitment. Be sure to watch the video for correct form.

* This challenge can also be performed while sitting, if necessary. Hold to the sides of a stable chair, keep your back straight, alternate lifting legs as high as possible and tap the floor with your foot when returning to the starting position.
* Or, if you are ready, feel free to perform this challenge while walking outdoors, on the track, in the mall, or where ever it is safe to do so, and you will need room to move about if not walking in place.

Be sure to grab your co-workers, neighbors and anyone else who has an interest in starting on a life changing fitness journey. Let’s get started!

Version A – Perform routine 3 times daily = 30 Minutes Total per day
Complete routine 20 times = 10 Minutes
Walk in Place with High Knees – 20 seconds
Rest – 10 seconds

Version B – Perform routine 3 times daily = 21 Minutes Total per day
Complete routine 14 times = 7 Minutes
Walk in Place with High Knees
– 20 seconds
Rest – 10 seconds  

Version C – Perform routine 3 times daily = 12 Minutes Total per day
Complete routine 8 times = 4 Minutes
Walk in Place with High Knees
– 20 seconds
Rest – 10 seconds 

Weather you are doing 30, 21 or 12 minutes daily….you’re taking the necessary steps to get healthier and to get in the best shape of your life. 😀

Click here for more Shape Up Size Down routines…more coming!

Stretching Before Workout – Recommended once a day

Walking in Place with High Knees

Walking with High Knees – Variations while walking

Exercise and health are matters that vary from person to person. Participants of this challenge should speak with their doctors about their individual needs before starting any exercise program. This Web site is not intended as a substitute for the medical advice and supervision of your personal physician. Any application of this workout routine is at the viewer’s discretion and sole risk. See your physician before beginning any exercise program. This is especially important if your family has a history of heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, arthritis, obesity, cigarette smoking, or other health conditions. If you have any doubts whatsoever, consult your physician.

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