Start a Fitness Program in Your Community!

Support those around you and get healthy while doing it!

Start a fitness program in your own community with Skinny Ms! Not only will you gain support for yourself, you’ll also be helping others reach their fitness goals. We make it easy with tons of workouts to choose from, that you can share with your group to help shape, and tone your bodies while you improve your health.

Sticking to a fitness regimen means that you’ll need to develop specific strategies to keep it going. A recent study showed that when adults with chronic illnesses were given behavior-changing strategies, they significantly increased their activity levels. That was not the case when they were given information intended to change their knowledge and beliefs about exercise, according to researchers from the University of Missouri-Columbia. What does that mean to you? It’s not enough to know the health benefits of regular exercise. You need a support system and planning in order to change your behavior for long-term success.

Find Your Participants

Contact friends, family, and other people in your community that you know and ask them if they know anyone who is trying to lose weight, or improve their physical activity level. Additionally, create a small one-page flyer that explains the goals of your fitness group and post this at your local community center, library, churches and fitness centers. Many times a fitness group will be made up of people who are looking for support in their efforts. Always keep your group open to new members and encourage participants to invite friends, family and others in your community.

Make a Schedule

Create a time and place where your group can meet, have discussions and do workouts. Checking with you local governments recreation department is a great place to start. Often times, City facilities already hold group fitness classes and will have equipment, and space at a low cost available for resident use.

Assign Positions

Allow a different person to jot down notes on each meeting, and to keep track of the workouts the group does every time you meet. Keep a detailed log of all topics discussed, and calories burned (on average) for every workout. You may also want to have one person lead the workout, have another help other participants calculate their heart rate, as well as monitor proper form during each workout. Allow everyone to have a chance to lead, and speak in group discussions.

Create Goals

By developing attainable goals that the group can reach as a whole, as well as individual goals each participant can bring to the group you give your fitness group more of a purpose. Start your first meeting with a baseline Fitness Assessment, so each individual see their progress more clearly as time progresses. Ask your members to document their physical activity and keep record of that exercises they do each week before a meeting so you can gauge the effectiveness of each participants efforts. And set up an outing of sorts, like a hike to change things up and show your group members how much their overall fitness abilities have improved with your workouts.

Predetermine Topics and Workouts

Planning your workouts and discussion topics ahead of time creates structure, and is a life-saver if your group leader ever has to miss a meeting. If your group ever decides they’d like to switch things at a meeting, and demands a leg workout when you had planned to work arms, you won’t be forced to disappoint them because you’ll have workouts and discussion points planned ahead of time.

At SkinnyMs. we provide the Workouts for you, as well as Discussion Topics. Choose from any of our 36 Fat-Blasters for faster weight loss, and simply alternate these with focused weight training workouts for a Total Body Transformation! We also offer Monthly Challenges you can do with your group.

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The SkinnyMs. team believes that all people, regardless of age, size, and fitness level, have the power to transform their lives — they just need the resources to do so. The SkinnyMs. method promotes healthy living through a combination of clean eating and regular exercise. We offer everything you need to be successful.

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