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Anybody can become a runner. The sport’s convenience and inclusiveness is a big part of its appeal. But how do you really become a true runner? Grab your shoes and off you go? True to form, running is that simple. However, to get the most out of your training program—whether your main goal is to lose weight or just to get into a better shape, taking the right first steps is of utmost importance.

As a result, here are the beginners running guidelines to get you going onto the right path.

Set a Goal

When it comes to boosting motivation for the workout, goals are critical. Your goals become incentives; they drive you forward. Without them, you’ll get bored, disoriented and discouraged. If you’re a beginner, a realistic goal might be to run continuously for 20-minute, or it might be a walk around the park—depending on your fitness level. Therefore, make sure to pick a realistic but challenging goal while you gradually build your fitness and endurance foundation.

Take Walk Breaks

First-run horror scenarios are very common, but preventable nonetheless. If you’re really out of shape or haven’t done much exercise lately, then running is going to be uncomfortable because you’re not yet conditioned to it. The good news is that you can ward off most of the discomfort—even dodge injury and burnout—by taking ample walk breaks and keeping your running pace in-check. This is what is known as the walk-run-walk program.

The walk-run-walk program is the ideal training recipe for building your base level of fitness without running the risk of injury. This program helps you boost endurance while staying in the safe zone. Alternating walk breaks and running intervals helps you control your breathing pattern and protects your joints and muscle from early damage. As a result, feel free to pick a walk-to-run ratio that feels comfortable and within your reach. Going over the border will only spell disaster on your health and exercise resolve.

Buddy Up

Though running can be a solo activity, having a training date, whether it’s with one person or group, is a powerful incentive. We human beings are mostly controlled by peer pressure, for the best and the worse. As a result, opting to run with a training buddy can further help you accomplish your training goals and boost your athletic performance in the process.

The ideal training partner is someone with whom you share similar fitness goals and are on the same path. If your friends and family members are not good candidates, head to your local sports club and ask around; the ideal partner is always out there waiting for you.

Here you have it! Running with success requires setting the right goals, making gradual progress by taking ample walking breaks, and finding the resolve to run. Nevertheless, your speed of implementation is key to success; so make sure to take action and always remember to stay within your fitness skill.

Beginning Running Tips – How to Start Running without Injury, was contributed by David Dack whois a runner and an established author on weight loss, motivation and fitness.

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