Sexy Summer Shoulders Workout

Get amazing shoulders for tank top season!

Tank tops, sun dresses, and swimsuits will soon be in season. Summer is just around the corner and nothing is sexier than defined shoulders! This is the one workout to make it happen.

Equipment Needed: 1 set of medium weights (10-1 2 lbs).

What To Do: Complete 12 repetitions of each exercise; rest 45 seconds between sets.

Beginners Level: Complete 1 set.
Intermediate Level: Complete 2 sets.
Advanced Level: Complete 3-4 sets.


1. Dumbbell Military Presses
2. Side Lateral Raises
3. Upright Rows
4. Rear Laterals

Dumbbell Military Press

Side Lateral Raises

Upright Rows

Rear Laterals

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  1. Hello , for Dumbbell Military Presses , can i increase the number of reps from 12 to 15 or i should increase the weight ? Thanks

  2. This would make me look like a man. Any ideas for smaller woman who lifts one weight and then looks like a body builder. I do 5 lbs and I am screwed. Had to cancel muscle toning for this reason!

    1. No offense but you cant look like a man unless you are eating a lot of calories to build that kind of muscle, especially with only lifting 5 lbs. you need to lift heavier if you want to form any sort of definition, or toned look. Women are very misinformed about weight lifting and "looking like a man". Start researching people!

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