The Ancient Medicine Ball is Back

Embrace the medicine ball!

Anyone with a gym membership or who has participated in a bootcamp challenge has seen a medicine ball. While they look a bit like basketballs, their weight makes them ideal for a variety of training activities, allowing for the toning and targeting of specific areas of the body, and challenging users’ stability and balance.

According to Yahoo Health, the medicine ball, an ancient fitness tool used heavily in the Classical era, is back on many trainers’ agendas. Some tout its beginner-friendly qualities, noting that it seems more accessible than many free weights or machines. Others rave about its versatility, allowing gym-goers to throw, lift, hold, and even do push-ups on it. For these reasons, it’s growing in popularity.

The medicine ball is a great tool in any fitness enthusiast’s arsenal. It’s inexpensive, and small enough to store easily at home, making it great for home workouts. And not many pieces of equipment can give you the full body workout that the medicine ball can. From lunges and push-ups to squats, planks, and curls, this small piece of workout gear will have every muscle in your body on fire! Check out our Skinny Ms. Medicine Ball Workout for the best ways to use this fabulous piece of equipment to its fullest advantage!

Source: Yahoo Health

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