The Best Abs Workout At Home

Pull out a yoga mat and enjoy these exercises for the best abs workout at home. 

The Best Abs Workout At Home

I love building my abs at home. For one, you can do the work any time of the day, you just have to be dedicated to setting aside a minute to make it happen. When I was younger, I used to exercise during every single commercial break on the weekends. This was part of my discipline to stay healthy and fit. As an adult, I rarely watch television, and so my abs have lost their luster. Instead, once a day, I take a quick 20-minute break from work and decompress a bit with stretches and exercise. On days when I focus on my abs, I pull out a yoga mat and enjoy these exercises for the best abs workout at home.

Working out at home means, you don’t need much. For this workout, you’ll only need a yoga mat or soft surface and an interval timer, which you can find on most phones.

The Best Abs Workout At Home

If you’re a beginner, perform each exercise for 30 seconds and rest 30 seconds in between, completing four rounds total with one minute of rest in between. Intermediate and advanced enthusiasts should complete each exercise for 30 seconds with 15 seconds rest in between each exercise. Complete five rounds total, with 30 seconds rest in between. If you’re advanced, rest only when you need to. Perform this workout three times a week.

This ab workout hits different muscle groups, so you will get some mild relief while you sculpt and build. Additionally, to get the best abs, you’ll need to eat better. Read up on these flat belly tips to get the best results.

  • Reverse Crunches: A nice lower ab exercise that doesn’t strain your lower back as much as leg lifts.
  • Jackknife: Total ab work in one swift move.
  • Alternate Toe Touch: This exercise is perfect for getting ripped obliques.
  • Bicycle: A fun fat blaster to burn fat while building all ab muscle groups.
  • Flutter Kicks: These offer some upper ab relief, while you focus on shredding that lower belly fat.
  • Boat Pose: A personal favorite core builder. This helps strengthen your core to give you overall stability, opening up the door for more advanced workouts.


Reverse Crunches


Alternate Toe Touch


Flutter Kicks

Boat Pose

If you’re really serious about building beautiful abs, our 6-Week Flat Belly Program is all you’ll need. Smart eating, ab workouts, and a full resource of specialized tips and tricks to get the job done!

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