The Best Pilates Moves for a Flat Stomach

A new way to tone and reshape those abs!

I like to imagine Pilates as a cross between yoga and body weight exercise. The combination of full-body movement and stretching team up with resistance work to help develop and create strong minor muscles, which support the larger muscles. Pilates is all about control. The more you’re able to control, the stronger you’ll become. Your core is the centerpiece of body control, and this workout features the best Pilates moves for a flat stomach that will end up toned, strong, and balanced.

Diet is an Important Part of Getting a Flat Belly

Performing the correct exercises and workouts will tone your underlying muscles and draw them in, but if you have extra fluff on top, it will be nearly impossible to notice your results. Of course, these Pilates moves will help you burn some fat, but a healthy diet is an essential part of losing fat. With that being said, if you combine these types of routines with a healthy diet, you’ll be able to reach your goals faster than ever. Check out the articles and meal plans below. They will help you build a general understanding of proper eating.

The Best Pilates Moves for a Flat Stomach

the best pilates moves

What you need: For this workout, you’ll need a yoga mat and an interval timer.

What to do: Pilates is about taking it slow and really isolating muscle groups to get the best results. Perform each move for 30 seconds to start (The Hundred is very specific, so please follow the video instructions). Rest for 10 seconds in between each move and complete four rounds total. Perform this workout three times a week and add an additional 15 seconds until you’re able to perform each exercise for one full minute. Then, add another round.

The Moves

  • Roll-up: The roll-up is like an advanced sit up. If you can’t roll all the way up, try putting some weight on your ankles or place your feet under a couch for leverage.
  • Rolling Like A Ball: This is a fun core exercise that places you in the fetal position. Rock while you keep your core nice and tight.
  • One Leg Circle: This is an exercise with some single leg work to tone your lower abs. You can also do the circles in reverse to retrain the muscles while they grow. Don’t take any rest between leg transitions.
  • Teaser: The perfect exercise to build a tight core. It will challenge your stability, work deep into the ab muscles, and burn fat regularly.
  • Criss-Cross: Similar to the bicycle, this exercise uses a more controlled motion. It has the same benefits for targeting all the ab muscle groups.
  • The Hundred: Small pulsations to target the core and burn fat.

Instructional Videos


Rolling Like A Ball

One Leg Circle



The Hundred

What did you think of this workout? Are you going to make it part of your regular routine? Once you’ve mastered these Pilates moves for a flat stomach, try these 8 Yoga Poses for a Strong Core. Also, be sure to follow us on Pinterest for all of our future Pilates routines!

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