The Best Workout for Total Body Fat Loss

You can complete this routine as quickly as you'd like AND get noticeable results!

The Best Workout for Total Body Fat Loss is Quick and Effective!

When life gets busy, and there’s no time to waste, optimizing your time is essential! This applies to every part of life, including exercise. Finding and utilizing the most effective exercises are your best option for getting in shape quickly. The best workout for total body fat loss uses these highly-effective moves to help you burn the most calories in the shortest amount of time. 

What Makes Some Exercises Better Than Others?

Lunges with bicep curls are a great way to work your entire body at once!

Each exercise serves its own purpose. When it comes to fat loss, some moves are superior to others. Any time you’re trying to burn calories and lose fat, your two main goals should be to choose moves that elevate your heart rate and work multiple muscle groups at once. 

Your metabolism is the rate at which your body converts the food you eat into energy. By elevating your heart rate through exercise, you’ll increase the speed of your metabolism. That ends up helping you burn more calories (even after the workout is over). Exercises that use multiple muscle groups place a greater workload on your body. Naturally, this leads to even more calories burned! 

We’ve designed this workout with these two things in mind to truly make it the best workout for total body fat loss.

Eating Right for Faster Weight Loss

Try this nutritious and delicious broccoli and sweet potato chicken dinner!

If fat loss is your goal, you can’t underestimate the power of a healthy diet!. Eating the right amounts of highly-nutritious foods is the number one way to lose weight and keep it off! Start by finding out how many calories you should be eating for your goals, and then check out our massive healthy recipe database!

The Best Workout for Total Body Fat Loss

The squat to overhead press exercise will strengthen your muscles and elevate your heart rate for more calories burned!

For this routine, you’ll need one pair of medium-weight dumbbells and a stopwatch. The one on your phone should work perfectly.

The great thing about this total body workout is that it can be completed as quickly as you’d like! You’ll begin by setting your timer. How long you set it for is strictly up to you. This is because our workout for total body fat loss is an AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) workout. Simply set your timer for five minutes or more (whatever you have time for) and start pushing through the moves below for the designated number of reps. 

Try to rest as little as possible during the preset time. That said, maintaining proper form should always be your main priority. Be sure to watch the instructional videos below. If at any point you feel your form slipping, allow yourself to rest. 

The Exercises

  • Dumbbell Squat to Overhead Press – 10 reps
  • Alternating Lunge with Bicep Curls – 20 reps (10 per leg)
  • Burpee with Push-Up – 10 reps
  • Dumbbell Row with Tricep Kick-Back – 10 reps

Instructional Videos

Dumbbell Squat to Overhead Press

Alternating Lunge with Bicep Curls

Burpee with Push-Up

Dumbbell Row with Tricep Kick-Back

Try our best workout for total body fat loss and then let us know what you thought in the comment section. What’s your favorite exercise? We want to hear about it!

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