The Best Yoga Moves for Amazing Abs

Seven simple yoga poses for abs you'd only dream of!

Yoga isn’t just about stretches and mindfulness. Becoming a yogi creates stronger muscles and joints while also supporting focus and reducing injury risk. When I lived in South Beach Miami, my post-run ritual was to enjoy some yoga on the shore to help re-balance and re-focus. The more I practiced, the stronger I began to feel. I slowly started to incorporate yoga poses that isolated my abs because I knew they would build a stronger, leaner core. Great abs take work. If you truly want to shred your core and build a flatter belly, these are the best yoga moves for amazing abs.

For this workout, you’ll need an interval timer, which is available on most phones, and a yoga mat to stay comfortable.

The Best Yoga Moves for Amazing Abs

The Best Yoga Moves for Amazing Abs

This ab workout features seven yoga poses that are either holds or moves. Each one is essential to building amazing abs in each part of your midsection. Hold or perform each pose for 15 deep breaths, with no rest in between. Instead, enjoy a gradual transition into the next pose. Be sure to perform the poses and hold them on both sides if needed before moving onto the next pose. Complete three rounds, resting for 30 seconds in between each round.

What makes these poses work is that they focus on working minor muscles that support core stability. Traditional ab work only builds the muscle on the surface, but yoga poses refine and build muscles internally in ways crunches and lifts never could. So go ahead and get started! Before long, you’ll find yourself with stronger abs and a leaner, toned look.

  • Fish Pose: Perfect for lengthening your core and strengthening upper back muscles and the back of the neck to improve spinal flexibility.
  • Half Moon Pose: This pose offers full-body benefits. You work each side of your body individually, tightening your core and improving minor muscles that help with balance. Additionally, you get the stretch benefits for your groin, hamstrings, calves, shoulders, chest, and spine.
  • Boat Pose: This is one of my favorite yoga poses for abs. It seems simple enough: just hold. But once you start shaking, holding on becomes a matter of will.
  • Cat & Cow Crunch: Another pose that helps stretch and lengthen your abs. The crunch will help build and grow the ab muscles.
  • Star Plank: Another full-body pose that focuses on stability. Be sure to roll your abs into your spine.
  • Warrior III: My favorite standing pose. This requires balance and stability at the core to keep you centered.
  • Bridge Pose: A low impact pose that builds your entire core, strengthening lower back muscles and also developing minor muscles in your abs.

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Fish Pose

Half Moon Pose

Boat Pose

Cat & Cow Crunch

Star Plank

Warrior III

Bridge Pose

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