The Best Yoga Routine for Overall Flexibility

The benefits of being flexible aren't just physical, they're also mental!

Non-yogis tend to bypass the amazing and all-purpose benefits of yoga. Yoga builds muscle strength, endurance, and – most importantly – flexibility. Increased flexibility gives you more comfort in daily activities, decreases the risk of injury, allows better blood flow throughout the body, improves posture and balance, and can support a more positive outlook on life. The benefits of being flexible aren’t just physical, they’re also mental. For all those reasons, we created the best yoga routine for overall flexibility.

The keys to yoga are breathing and opening yourself up. You don’t need to breath like a yogi, but you’ll have to focus on your breath while also holding each pose correctly. It’s requires some multi-tasking that takes patience and confidence to master. This is why opening yourself up is important! Accept the discomfort you may feel initially, but be willing to take on the challenge and responsibility in order to get the benefits. Get comfortable, get focused, and get flexible!

The Best Yoga Routine for Overall Flexibility

What You’ll Need: a yoga mat or soft surface

What to Do: Perform this routine 6 days a week, preferably in the morning or at night before bed.

Beginner Workout: Hold each pose for 15 breaths with no rest in between. Complete 3 rounds, resting 1 minute between each round.

Intermediate Workout: Hold each pose for 20 breaths with no rest in between. Complete 4 rounds, resting 45 seconds between each round.

Advanced Workout: Hold each exercise for 30 breaths with no rest in between. Complete 5 rounds with no rest in between.

The Best Yoga Routine for Overall Flexibility

  1. Garland/Squat Pose
  2. Standing Forward Bend
  3. Extended Triangle Pose (switch sides before moving on)
  4. Downward Facing Dog
  5. Child’s Pose

Still unsure about the benefits of yoga? Check out How Yoga Affects Your Mental and Physical Health and get the scoop on how beneficial yoga can be.

Garland/Squat Pose

Standing Forward Bend

Extended Triangle Pose

Downward Facing Dog

Child’s Pose

Challenge yourself with our 10-Minute Intermediate Yoga Workout for Balance to see how strong those muscles are after you’ve made the Best Yoga Routine for Overall Flexibility part of your daily routine.

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