How Yoga Affects Your Mental and Physical Health

Learn and understand how yoga can affect you.

How Yoga Affects Your Mental and Physical Health

A growing sensation in the day and age of health crazes, yoga has surged to the surface as a popular workout. Other than contorting your body into different poses, yoga does much more for you in ways you probably haven’t thought of. Here’s how yoga affects your mental and physical health.

Your Mind

Yoga is all about tying your mind to your body and understanding the connection between them. Essentially, a fatigued and stressed mind will cause stressed muscles, which in turn generated negativity throughout your body. In order to combat that negative mindset, you must understand how to clear your mind and set aside negative thoughts. Yoga and meditation heavily encourages living in the present and discarding worries of the future and thoughts of the past. Yogis preach that we should face each obstacle as it comes. Daily practice of yoga and meditation is said to decrease anxiety, stress, and feelings of depression. Although it may take some time to trust the ways of yoga practice and the philosophies that are preached, it is definitely worth the shot. The more time that is put in, the more benefits are reaped.

Your Body

There is a long list of benefits your body can experience from practicing yoga. Here are some of them: improves flexibility, builds strength, improves posture, protects your spine, works on joints and bone health, increases blood flow, and so much more. Yoga exercises are more preventative than reparative. They help your body grow and strengthen in different ways where in the face of illness or injury, you are more able-bodied to face it or recover from it. However, like many other things, this strength and resilience comes with practice and time. You must constantly practice to become stronger as well as attempt new forms of yoga to be able to expand your reach. Even if you are picking it up for reasons such as weight loss or toning, you can still benefit! So, don’t feel pressured to only pursue yoga for deeply-rooted reasons. Yoga can transform your life in more ways than one.

Now that you have a thorough understanding of yoga and its effects on your physical and mental health, you will be better prepared to dive into the world of yoga. Here are some strong beginner poses to get you started.

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