Tone-Up With The Perfect Push-Up

A perfect pushup yields real results.

There are many ways to tone your arms, but a good old fashion push up requires zero equipment and can get your arms looking fab in a very short time. Each person has a different weight, body type and personal limits so conventional push-ups may not work for everyone. Read on to find out which type of push-up works for you and in a few short weeks you can show off your sexy arms!

Try one of these simple push-up sets and in just 5 minutes a day you can get your arms in tip top shape.

Traditional Plank Push-Up

A basic, and simple exercise that not only tones your arms, but also strengthens your core muscles, and gluteus.

How-To: Get into a plank position with palms facing down, shoulder width apart and balance your lower body on the balls of your feet. Hold your belly button in towards your spine and keep your body in line as you slowly lower your chest to about two inches from the ground. Then push your entire body up off the floor rapidly. Repeat 10 times (1 set), 5 times a week alternating resting days.

On Bended Knee

How-To: Get into a similar plank position as detailed above with hands on the floor, palms down shoulder width apart. Instead of doing an entire full-body plank, simply rest your weight on your knees to reduce the amount of weight you are lifting. Raise your body up and hold your belly button in, aligning it with your spine. Lower your upper body slowly, until your chest is about two inches from the floor, then raise your body up quickly. Repeat 10 times, 5 times a week with alternating rest days.

Table Top Push-Up

How-To: Find a sturdy counter top that can support your weight (a solid kitchen counter usually works just fine). Place your hands on the counter top, shoulder width apart and take one giant step backwards. Plant both feet there a few inches apart and stand on the balls of your feet. Hold your tummy in, and tighten your abdominals (a plank). Slowly lower your body about five or six inches and then raise your upper body back up quickly. Repeat 10-15 times (1 set) 5 times a week with alternating rest days.

Reverse Push-Up

How-To: This exercise is great for toning up your triceps, (those muscles in the back of your arms that never seem to tighten up)! Find a small step, or yoga blocks to do this exercise. Face away from the step (or blocks) and place your hands (facing forward) palms down on the step or blocks. With your feet placed firmly on the floor, shoulder width apart, raise your body up off the floor. Holding your core muscles tight, slowly lower your bottom to the floor and push your body back up with your arms. Repeat this exercise ten times (1 set), five days a week with alternating rest days for optimal results.

Triangle Push-Up

How-To: Another arm exercise that targets triceps, this push-up may be the most difficult of them all. This push-up is similar to a traditional push-up with a different hand placement. Place your hands with your index fingers and thumbs touching as to make a triangle. Hold your core muscles tight and slowly lower your body until your chest is about two inches from the floor, then quickly raise it back up using your arms to push your body away from the floor. Repeat this exercise five times, five times a week with alternating rest days for optimal results.

Elevated Push-Up

How-To: Using yoga blocks get in the position for a regular, basic push-up and simply place your hands on the blocks to target chest muscles. This exercise is great for developing a sexy chest. As with the other push-ups, keep your core tight and lower your upper body until you are a few inches from the ground, then raise your body back up quickly. Repeat ten times, five days a week with alternating rest days.

Remember to listen to your body, and to never push your limits. Everyone has different levels of physical ability. If you find some of these too difficult, you can simply modify any of them by doing them on your knees. Looking for more great ways to tone-up? Try these fast, and simple SkinnyMs Workouts!

Tell us your favorite arm workout, or any additional comments you have about YOUR perfect push-up!

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