Top 10 Calorie Burning Household Chores

You don't need to visit the gym to burn calories and stay in shape.

Keeping your home looking great is an excellent no-cost alternative to a pricey gym membership. Many of the maintenance tasks you do routinely offer the same benefits of a strength training or cardio workout. Depending on the time you spend on specific chores, the amount of calories you burn could be enormous.

The top 5 household chores for burning calories in one hour are:

Mowing the lawn burns a total of 400 calories an hour. That is the equivalent of one hour of aerobic exercise such as jogging to get the same benefit as mowing your lawn.

Raking leaves is a powerhouse at 384 calories burned in one hour. Believe it or not that is the amount of calories in a medium fast food order of french fries.

Roofing come in at a decent 340 burned calories. Playing a half hour of racket ball will burn the same amount of calories

Carpentry such as building a fence is a great calorie burning task at 340 calories up in fire in just one hour. One hour of walking the golf course lugging the golf clubs on your back may be more enjoyable, but won’t get that fence built.

These example are the leading household chores as far as their calorie burning ability. As you know there are countless tasks to keeping the property owner busy year round. You can beautify and maintain your home while getting a decent workout. It is a win win.

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Are you indoor person? You may prefer to burn your calories with some of these indoor household chores:

Scrubbing the Bathroom can burn up to 200 calories in just 30 minutes.

Washing Windows burns as many as 125 calories in a half-hour.

Vacuuming for 30 minutes burns about 90 calories.

Changing Sheets can burn up to 130 calories in 30 minutes

 snow come in at #1 as the calorie burning super chore burning a whopping  576 calories per hour. You would have to dance your way through 60 minutes of a Zumba routine to burn the same amount of calories. One thing to keep in mind when shoveling snow is to make sure you are healthy. Shoveling can put a tremendous strain on your heart.

And, the simple task of Dusting burns up to 50 calories in half an hour!

Top 10 Calorie Burning Household Chores



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