5 Top Ways To Get A Sculpted Back

Get that strong, sleek tank top look!

Looking for a way to make the most out of your back workouts? Want to train, tone, and define your back muscles, but aren’t sure how? Then check out these 5 top ways to get a sculpted back! These are our best tricks for strengthening the back and obtaining that smooth, defined tank top look.

1. Don’t be afraid of heavy weights.

Top Tips for a Super Sculpted Back
It’s hard to build a sculpted back using cardio and light dumbbells. In order to really create definition, you have to challenge your back muscles by slowly making them stronger. To do this, incorporate weight training into your regular gym routine and perform back-targeted workouts once or twice per week. While you can separate days just to target your back, you can also combine back workouts with arm or chest workouts.

If you’re looking for potential back routines, check out this HIIT Your Back Workout. It uses five effective exercises and 30 second intervals to target all the important back muscles.

2. Include moves for different areas of your back.

Top Tips for A Super Sculpted Back1
You wouldn’t target just your upper abs when doing a core workout, so it’s important to remember all the areas of your back as well. Moves such as rows are great for your upper back, while straight-legged deadlifts target your lower back. Building strength evenly throughout your body will help you maintain better posture and avoid injuries. Check out 7 Workouts to Get Rid of Back Fat.

3. Target lower and upper laterals by varying your grip.

Top Tips for A Super Sculpted Back2
The lateral muscles are large muscles that run along the sides of your back. Where you place your hands when doing barbell rows, pull-downs, or pull-ups will change the muscles that you target.

Use a wide grip to target your upper laterals. This means you’ll place your hands wider than shoulder distance apart. In order to target your lower lateral muscles, use a close grip when performing pull-ups or cable pull-downs. This means you bring your hands closer to each other. Get a Beautiful Back with this workout for all Fitness Levels.

4. Row with proper form to target your middle back.

Top Tips for A Super Sculpted Back5
Rows are the best way to target your middle back. You can perform all kinds of rows using dumbbells, barbells, or even cables. In order to properly target your middle back, use a close to medium grip and pull the weight toward your middle without splaying your elbows.

5. Incorporate bodyweight moves.

Top Tips for A Super Sculpted Back3
Not all back workouts have to be weight training workouts. You can easily target your back during bodyweight interval workouts by including key moves. Push-ups, superman, planks, and up-down planks are great for working your back muscles.

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