Vacation Fitness, 5 Ways to Get Active When You’re on the Road

These workout will make getting fit fun while you're on vacation!

Vacationing brings up thoughts of fun in the sun, relaxation, great food and bathing suits. Unless you take your summer vacation somewhere that’s cold and snowing your vacation ideas are probably somewhere along the same lines. Be sure to never get lazy while you’re away from home and turn your tummy into a trash bin for processed foods, sugar and easy-to-grab fatty foods. Stay on track and get some exercise while on vacation. But, who wants to hit the gym like a professional body builder while they are away trying to relax?

Here are 5 Great Ways you can stay on track while you’re traveling without forcing yourself into the gym and away from the fun vacation you have planned.

1. Rent a Bike
When searching for your hotel, look at the activities section on the website and see what kind of vacation rentals they offer. Many hotels offer seven-speed and single-speed cruisers, tandems, kids bikes, trailers and surreys. Rentals will usually include helmets and a lock and some hotels even offer bicycle tours. Plan bike rentals in advance with RentABikeNow.

2. Go Where The Action Is
If you really want to get vacation exercise, you can just head straight for a horseback riding ranch get-aways, a bed ‘n breakfast in breathtaking Utah, or the Grand Canyon’s river rafting tours. Whatever you decide remember that the reason you vacation in the first place is to experience something new. Go out and stay active!

3. Take a Hike 
If you are in an area known for hiking trails it’s easier to find a hike that will take your breath away. Getting out into nature where you are visiting can be a great way to see your vacation spot from a different perspective. Local maps that include hiking trails can usually be found in the lobby of your hotel or find local trails for any large metropolitan area here.

4. Be a Tourist
A 30 minute walk burns about 200 calories. Remember to pack a pair of shoes that are supportive and just walk. Take in the scenes around you and make a memory with yourself, a travel companion, your kids, or new friends you make along the way. Getting your heart rate up and taking some time to increase your heart rate will not only boost your oxygen intake, it will also boost your good mood and metabolism.

5. Take a Group Fitness Class
Many hotels have a small fitness center, workout space or even offer group fitness classes. These fitness centers, and classes are a great way to keep your heart pumping, and your body feeling good while you are away from your regular exercise routine. Also a great way to meet people, group fitness classes can help you stay motivated and expose you to things you may have never tried before. You can find recreation centers that offer low-cost group fitness classes daily, in the local areas you visit here.

Here are a few activities and their potential calorie-burn in 30 minutes:

-Dancing: 225 Calories
-Swimming: 223 Calories
-Scuba Diving: 260 Calories
-Volley Ball: 300 Calories
-Bicycling: 16-19 mph: 450 Calories
-Golf: 200 Calories

References: Harvard

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  1. Scuba diving is more fun to do. I used to go diving with my friends during summer and peak seasons.

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