Vitamin D Helps Build Muscle Mass

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A vitamin that vampires can go without, but humans cannot. What could it be?

Vitamin D. It is a vitamin that your body produces naturally when it is exposed to the ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun. While a vampire’s body can go without sun, yours cannot, for a variety of reasons.

The demographic groups at risk for Vitamin D deficiency are the elderly, those with darker skin, and inhabitants of the Northern Hemisphere. Do you fall in one of these categories? If yes, read on to learn how to make sure you do not fall into a Vitamin-D deficient category.

One of the reasons that Vitamin D is important is that it helps to build muscle mass. The way that it accomplishes this is by being a necessary element in the synthesis of muscle proteins. If the vitamin D is absent, how can the body build muscle?

The next question is, what are some ways to get Vitamin D? The best way is to go outside in the sun! If you are already planning on exercising, you can kill two birds with one stone if you do your walking/running when the sun is out. On average, 15 minutes is enough to do the trick.

Of course, not everybody has the ability to get as much sunshine as they might want. Situations such as health conditions, full-time jobs, and child care are some of the many reasons for not being outside in the sun.. If you honestly cannot find a 10-15 minute break to get some sun, then dietary sources of Vitamin D are your next best choice.

Dietary sources of Vitamin D include fortified orange juice, mushrooms, and milk.

Note: Individual necessities for Vitamin D vary on many factors, including age and skin color. Consult a health professional with any questions or concerns you might have.


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