Walk, Then Run: Fitness Challenge

Become a runner in two weeks.

The thought of running a few blocks may strike fear in your heart today, but give our run challenge two weeks of your life, and you’ll find yourself striding alongside the fittest joggers in your neighborhood. Our combo of cardio walking, jogging, and cross-training will have you running lengths you never thought possible!

Equipment Needed: fitness tracker (use our guide to choose the right one)

What to Do: Follow the routine below to get started on the challenge. Plan ahead and pace your self through each run to make sure you get the full training benefits.

Before you start the challenge, make sure you have the right footwear to allow you to push through. Choose the perfect running shoes and learn the basics that will make your feet feel strong, comfortable, and secure.


Day 1 – 1.5 mile CW

Day 2 – 2.0 mile CW

Day 3 – Cross-Training

Day 4 – Rest

Day 5 – ½ mile CW, ½ mile jog, ¾ mile CW

Day 6 – ¼ mile CW, ½ mile jog, ¼ mile CW, ½ mile jog

Day 7 – ¾ mile jog, ½ mile CW, ½ mile jog, ¼ mile CW, ½ mile jog

Walk then Run Fitness ChallengeDay 8 – Cross-Training

Day 9 – Rest

Day 10 – ¾ mile jog, ¼ mile CW, ¾ mile jog, ¼ mile CW, ½ mile jog

Now that you’re first 1 mile jog is ahead, make sure you have the right music to keep you in the zone. Our 30 Songs to Get You Running playlist will keep our legs moving from start to finish.

Day 11 – 1 mile jog, ½ mile CW

Day 12 – ¼ mile CW, 1 mile jog, ¼ mile CW, ½ mile jog

Day 13 – Rest

Day 14 – 1.5 mile jog

Day 15 and on… No more cardio walking. You’re a runner now.

Running distance requires constant fuel. Try these recipes to keep your body at its peak for each run:
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