Where’s Your Get Up ‘n Go? 4 Group Fitness Classes To Try This Fall

These group workouts are the best way to get in shape!

If you really want to get in sizzling summer shape, there are a million and one workouts you can do to keep fit, and healthy. Sometimes it becomes difficult to think of ways to exercise, and beat your plateau. So just for a little change, here are a few group fitness ideas to spice things up a bit.

1. Zumba Fitness is a Latin-inspired dance fitness program that blends contagious steps and hot international music to create a kind of fitness party that burns tons of calories, and really gets your heart pumping. Not only will you boost fat burning, but you’ll also meet people and have a blast! One of the largest, and most successful dance fitness programs, Zumba classes can be found in more than 100,000 locations across the world. To find Zumba classes near you go here.

2. Spinning Class was developed by world-class cyclist, Jonny Goldberg as a way to train for races. This aerobic exercise class takes place on specifically designed stationary bicycles called “spinning bikes.” These classes typically offer you the change to burn calories like no other, as spinning burns about 450 calories in 45 minutes! Your heart will pump fast and your muscles (quadriceps, and other leg muscles) with be toned all while you improve coordination, and listen to high energy  music. Spinning classes accommodate all fitness levels and are a great way to develop killer looking legs, and have a good time.

3. Water Yoga isn’t necessarily the top cardio kick-butt workout class. If your goal is just to loose weight, you won’t get the optimal benefits you desire with a hydro yoga class. However, water Yoga offers the benefits of  mind/body exercise, along with the support of the water for achy bones and joints. This innovative class incorporates all the calming, strengthening benefits of yoga, with the refreshment of cool water. A great low-impact exercise that helps improve attention, muscle tone and breathing, perfect for all fitness levels during those hot summer months.

4. Cardio Kickboxing is another fun way to get your cardio. Kickboxing classes are a mixture of dance, martial arts and body weight resistance that offers major fat burning. This aerobic exercise is a total body workout that kicks butt! A great way to break a sweat, increase stamina, improve flexibility and strength while you listen to dance music. Cardio kickboxing classes generally run about an hour, and include a warm-up, stretch, and cool down. DVD’s are also available so you can refine your skills at home, get yours here! Remember that with classes like this, injuries are common so be sure to know your fitness level, listen to your body and never push yourself harder than you can go.

No matter what your fitness level, remember that a lot about being healthy and staying fit means you have to meet new challenges, stay motivated and share experiences with people who have similar interests, and goals in mind. Group fitness classes are a great way to get out there and get moving in a way that is fun, and different. Your body has to continually be challenged in order to keep loosing fat, and staying toned isn’t as easy as just hitting the gym. Try a group fitness class today and see if it doesn’t light a fire under you this summer!

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