Why You Shouldn’t Stress Over Your Diet Choice

The best diet is the one that works!

Eve Whittenburg, Writer/Editor, Skinny Ms.

by Skinny Ms.

The decision to lose those extra pounds is easy, but the plan and execution is overwhelming. Losing weight can seem impossible when so many different diets make that first step seem hopeless. With so many diet plans claiming to be the best popping up on your television and in magazines, how is one to choose? What if the one that claims to yield the best results is too hard?

Researchers have come up with a very interesting theory for weight loss and the diets we follow. The scientists at McMaster University in Ontario and the Hospital for Sick Children Research Institute in Toronto discovered that the diet does not matter. Their studies show that from a range of low-carb, meal-plan diets, dieters lost an average of 16 lb. after 12 months no matter the diet.

Diets all go in and out of fashion, but most diets have the same basic principles, and the results are the same. For example, Atkins and Weight Watchers both cut back on calories in similar ways and levels; therefore, you are very likely to lose the same amount of weight on either, depending on your level of commitment. The differences in popular low-carb diets are minor and unimportant when it comes to weight loss.

When choosing a weight-loss diet, I would ask, “Which is easiest?” People seem to think that the harder diets will yield the best results. Nothing could be farther from the truth. If these low-carb diets get the same desired result, why not choose the easier one? Commercials for these diets all come with testimonials from real people who loved and lost weight with that diet. These people lost that weight because the diet was easy for them. Pick a diet that is going to mesh easily with the life you live – your existing routine. An easier plan can mean more lost weight.

When it comes to your diet, make sure the math checks out. If you are still taking in more calories than you expend, you are not going to lose weight. No miracle food or method is going to lift the pounds right off. If the diet makes no sense, keep looking.

Source: BBC News

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  1. daily intermittent fasting, 16 hours of fasting and 8 hours of eating….look it up…it beats every dieting program out there. It will help you lose weight and prolong life by detoxing and shedding dead cells in the body.

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