Top 10 Workouts to Shred Fat Fast

Lose inches in less time!

Don’t let a time crunch keep you from squeezing into your favorite skinny jeans or dropping the pounds you packed on over the holidays. With the right workouts under your belt, you can blast calories at a supersonic speed, and wave goodbye to those pesky pounds that made an uninvited appearance. Here at SkinnyMs., we’ve sifted through countless workouts and picked out the most effective, fat-burning exercises that’ll have you making progress fast!

These foolproof workouts are designed to shred fat while building lean muscle, to ultimately sculpt the slim, sexy figure of your dreams! These workouts rely on short periods of intensive resistance exercise, a form of exercise that experts claim can have you burning more calories throughout the day than longer workouts. Meanwhile, they pair high intensity cardio with strength training, a critical combination when it comes to losing inches. The aerobic part of these exercises will crush calories, while the strength training involved will build muscle. And muscle, being metabolically active, burns calories at rest, so the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn!

So what are you waiting for? Shrink your waistline and your workout time with these fantastic fat blasters!

1. HIIT Workout-Burn Fat up to 24 Hours

HIIT workouts call for high intensity exercise followed by low intensity recovery, for a revved up metabolism and optimal calorie burn. This foolproof routine takes just 15 minutes to complete, and will blast calories while sculpting your figure into a lean and mean machine!

2. Melt Fat in Minutes with this HIIT Routine

This HIIT workout incorporates just 2 simple moves, jumping jacks and mountain climbers, and has you cycling through the routine numerous times with short periods of rest in between. Together, these 2 basic moves form an awesome strength training and cardio workout that calls for no equipment, and can be performed anywhere. Start sculpting and shredding today!

3. Kettlebell Fat-Burning Workout

Known for sculpting sleek muscles and melting excess fat, kettlebell workouts are all the rave these days! Kettlebell exercises engage your entire body, boosting your strength and muscle tone from head to toe, as opposed to machines which tend to  isolate muscle groups. Give kettlebell training a shot- you’ll fall in love with the results!

4. Fast Cardio Workout Equals 45-Minutes at the Gym

Why spend hours sweating it out at the gym when you squeeze cardio into your schedule in just a chunk of the time? This uber effective, fab-blasting workout steals just 10 minutes from your day, and is just as effective as 45 minutes of cardio at the gym. The workout consists of a series of HIIT exercises that torch calories, build muscle, and deliver fast results.

5. Jazzed up Jacks and Jumps Tabata Workout

This rockin’ routine gives ordinary jumping jacks a jazzed up makeover! It consists of a series of fat-burning exercises that rev up your metabolism, blast calories, and tone your figure from head to toe. And the best part? The workout uses a bunch of different moves that’ll excite and challenge you, keeping boredom at bay.

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