You too, Can Be a Kung Fu Master

Get motivated to never get up.

What to do when nothing is going right; when All in fact, IS Going Awfully and Horribly Wrong? When we wonder aloud How, In The HE-DoubleToothpicks can we prevail over the mayhem and, you know, get back to the Happy Travels that result in realizing our Dream? Well, trust me, I’ve got the answer, but first, A Story…

(…Starring the cast of 300, David Carradine and Jackie Chan!!)

It goes a little like this: There’s a Huge,ScaryTemple of 10,000 Demons. Master Chan and his 8 students—the cast of 300 and David Carradine—are headed right for it. Why? To pass their final “Test” of course. The problem is, each of the students pass through theTempledoors, but after a large amount of screaming, thumping, and glass breaking, none come out. Except for David Carradine. Because, before he enters the temple, he asks Master Chan if he has any advice. Master Chan replies, “You must keep your eyes on the Door at All Times. Never remove your sight from it, no matter what is going on around you.”

Well, of course, thanks to all that Kung-Fu training, David Carradine does exactly what he’s told. There’s still a lot of screaming, thumping, and glass breaking, but afterwards, there he stands, triumphantly, anyway. Master Chan is pleased, and after they give each other a Hi-Five, asks David Carradine how he made it through. David Carradine replies, “I just kept looking at the Door, I never took my eyes off of it.”

The Moral of the Story, aka, The Answer is: Crap Happens. It might shake you a little. Don’t let it stop you. Keep Your Eyes on Where You Intend to Be, and Go! Get There!(shhhh–Because You Will!)

The End. Woot!

Written by: Krystynna Gillespie who has a B.S. in Exercise Science & Kinesiology, and A.A. in Health Promotion, B.A. in Modern Languages-Spanish, as well as training certifications through the American College of Sports Medicine and American Council On Exercise. ‘Like’ on facebook for Fitness, Health, and Athleticism support.

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