10 Easy Tricks to Beat Vacation Weight Gain

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Most of us spend all year dreaming about the joys of vacation, but that joy can quickly turn tragic when we let a week of relaxation turn into pounds of extra cushioning around the middle. Gaining weight on vacation is a common problem, but it is avoidable. When you abandon your usual schedule and travel to a foreign destination, there is a tendency to indulge. As there should be! If you work hard, you deserve to kick back and enjoy your favorite activities and food without guilt. SkinnyMs. can help! These tips help you avoid excessive vacation weight gain and work off the few pounds you do pick up quickly, once you return home.


During your vacation-

1. Splurge Once a Day Only
You deserve to splurge, but you shouldn’t overdo it. Instead of eating rich, calorie-laden food at every meal, plan just one splurge per day and eat light during your other meals. This not only saves calories, it saves money. Pack some of these healthy snacks in your bag to ensure that you’re energized and ready to take in the sights all day long.

2. Split Your Food
Sharing indulgent food allows you to eat everything you choose, but less of each thing. You cut your calories in half without feeling as if you are sacrificing any experiences.

Check out these Ways to Eat Healthy When You’re Eating Out for tips on restaurant eating.

3. Schedule Vacation Workouts
This might sound crazy, but you can exercise on vacation. Many people look forward to the opportunity to take their fitness regimen to another location. You can run on the beach instead of a treadmill or gain access to expensive hotel gym equipment. If traditional workouts are not appealing, schedule a few activities that get in some calorie burning. Explore your vacation destination on a bike or play a little golf. Try one of these easy vacation workouts that you can do anywhere.

4. Ask for Tasting Options
Many of the finest restaurants offer small portions of the chef’s best foods. You are able to enjoy indulgent foods tapas style. This allows you to taste plenty of options without overdoing it calorie-wise. Learn more about how to manage your portions here.

Once you return home:

5. Detox
A week or two of indulgence can leave your body feeling sluggish. Help your system get back on track by eliminating toxins with a quick detox. Try our 3 Day Cleanse and Detox!

6. Buy Workout Gear
Few things motivate you more to workout than stylish fitness clothes. Invest in some before you go or shop for gear during your vacation. You will be eager to hit the gym once vacation ends. Be sure to read these 3 Tips for Choosing the Right Workout Gear.

7. Enroll in a Class
Enrolling in a class that begins once you are home locks you into a fitness commitment. It also gives you something to look forward to at vacation’s end.

8. Create a Contract
Make a deal with yourself about splurging on vacation and losing the weight once you return home. Put the deal in writing and include a reward if you stick to your post-vacation weight loss plans.

9. Plan Your Post-Vacation Meals
Having a week or two of healthy clean-eating meals planned for your return takes the thinking out of eating right. Your plan makes it easier to stay on track. SkinnyMs. has everything you need to make Meal Planning a cinch.

10. Reward Your Pet
Chances are your dog was less than thrilled to be without you during your trip away. Plan extra walks and park time once you return. You are making it up to your pet, but also getting in a little extra exercise. Take our 7 Day Fat Blaster Walking Challenge!

Need to seriously jump start your fitness routine? Try our 6 Week Emergency Makeover Program.

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How do you keep up with your health and fitness routine while you’re on vacation? We’d love to hear about it! Leave us a comment below.


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