10 Races That Will Get You Hooked on Running

Check out these incredible races and prepare to fall in love with running!

A little motivation goes a long way. When it comes to running, training for a fun race can be all the motivation a woman needs to go the distance. When you’re finding it difficult to lace up those running shoes, it might be time to sign up for one of these 10 Races that Will Get You Hooked on Running.

10 Races that Will Get You Hooked on Running:

1. The Color Run
Known as the “Happiest Race on the Planet”, The Color Run is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing races in the world, and for a reason. Participants in this untimed race celebrate health, happiness, and individuality while getting doused from head to toe with a rainbow non-toxic paints. This memory-making experience ends with a brightly-colored finish line that you’d have to see to believe. Learn more about The Color Run and find a race location near you here.

2. Run for Your Lives
If you’ve picked up a book, turned on the tv, or visited a movie theater in recent years, you know that zombies are everywhere! The Run for Your Lives Run has taken society’s love affair with the undead and turned it into a zombie-infested 5K obstacle course race that is sure to get the living running for their lives! Will you survive? Find a Run for Your Lives race near you here.

3. Ragnar Relay
Ragnar Relays make running a team sport, so grab a group of your 11 craziest friends, pile into a couple of vans, and get ready to tackle 200 miles, relay style! With only one runner on the road at a time, your team will race through both day and night until each team member has covered three legs of 3-8 miles and your journey is complete. Sound like your idea of a good time? Click here to find a Ragnar Relay near you.

4. Rev3Glow Night Run
The Rev3 Glow Night Series is for all those night owls who would rather party neon-style than rise and shine. The course of this nocturnal race winds through the dark, with only glow-in-the-dark bracelets, necklaces, t-shirts, and other accessories to light the way. Once you’ve crossed the finish line, you’ll get to enjoy an outdoor movie under the stars. Click here to learn more.

5. The Turkey Trot
No matter where you call home, chances are, you can find a Turkey Trot nearby. As one of the most popular themed races in the country, this fun run knows how to celebrate Thanksgiving in style. Runners often dress up as turkey and run, hobble, or gobble their way through a 5K long course, with winners receiving turkey treats, which are often donated to charities. Find a Turkey Trot near you.

6. Warrior Dash
The Warrior Dash prides itself on being “The World’s Most Intense Obstacle Race”, and that just might be true. Runners in this long distance adventure will race over walls, through nets, across water, and contend with an array of obstacles, including one called, “Alcatraz”.  Find a Warrior Dash near you here.

7. Bay to Breakers
Boston has its Marathon…Pamplona has its bulls…  and San Francisco has Bay to Breakers! This historic race has been held annually for over 100 years and offers runners the opportunity to tour the city by foot, from the Embarcadero to the ‘breakers’ of Ocean Beach. From world-class athletes to costumed runners, athletes are able to celebrate all that makes up the beautiful city of San Francisco. Register for Bay to Breakers here.

8. Rock-n-Roll Series
Run like you’re a rock star in one of these jammin’ exhibitions of running and live music. Racers of this concert, uh-er, race, are treated to the musical talents of a multitude of live bands along the course and quite a party at the finish line. Find a Rock-n-Roll race near you here.

9. 5K Foam Fest
You can be honest with us. You’ve always wanted to walk through a drive-thru carwash, right? Well, now you can! The 5K Foam Fest will get you down and dirty, and then clean you up with more suds than you’ve seen at one time. Race organizers hope that you’ll be having so much fun, you’ll forget you’re even exercising. Wanna give it a try? Find a 5K Foam Fest near you here.

10. Tough Mudder
How tough do you think you are? The Tough Mudder race series will leave you questioning both your toughness level and your sanity in a 10-12 mile obstacle course designed by British Special Forces. Tough Mudder courses are so intense, that you won’t be able to complete one alone, so you’ll need teamwork and camaraderie to get you through. Think you have what it takes? Find a Tough Mudder race near you here.<

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