10 Weight Loss Mistakes Sabotaging Your Progress

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In a general sense, losing weight boils down to two critical things: exercise and diet. But focusing too intently on eating less and exercising more can totally constrict your perspective, and prevent you from recognizing the many additional factors that go into shedding pounds! In an effort to fit into your fave skinny jeans or sculpt a sexy summer bod, you have to realize that everything plays a role in your weight loss journey. Sure, cutting calories and powering through a revved-up exercise routine can flush fat, but these changes aren’t necessarily enough to see the number on your scale drop.

When it comes to weight loss, dieters risk running into a few bumps in the road. Clean eating and a consistent workout schedule can still pose problems for those determined to lose inches. Here at SkinnyMs., we’ve gathered the top 10 most common weight loss mistakes (without even realizing it!) that can derail your progress. Once you’ve grasped an understanding of these fat-loss flubs, you can banish these infringing habits and reach your goals faster and more efficiently. So slim down and boost your health by avoiding these common mistakes!

1. You’re glued to the scale.

If the number on the scale refuses to budge despite remaining loyal to your diet, don’t stress; in fact, you’re better off avoiding that scale altogether! Various everyday factors influence your weight, some of which include estrogen levels, water consumption, and the amount of food left in your system. Your actual weight can fluctuate by up to 5 pounds! At the same time, muscle weighs more than fat, meaning your strength training regime could actual invite weight gain (along with fat loss).

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2. You over-exercise.

Excessive exercise can affect the stress hormones in your body, and added stress invites fight-or-flight responses associated with survival mode. As a result, this stress-induced activity can lower your metabolic rate and encourage your body to hold onto calories instead of burn them.

3. You don’t drink enough water!

Your body is like an instrument, and water keeps it in tune. Failing to drink enough water will prevent your system from sending and receiving proper fullness signals, so you’ll feel hungry and continue to eat even if when you’re actually full. Water also keeps your organs functioning properly which facilitates in fat loss and smoothens your entire weight loss journey!

4. You need to up the protein.

Protein tames your appetite and increases fullness; this ultimately prevents you from overeating while helping you stick to your diet plan. However, ramping up your workout routine in an attempt to shed pounds quickly can wear and tear your muscles, ultimately reducing muscle mass. This is problematic since muscle mass keeps the metabolism running strong! All in all, eat clean meals with enough protein, and consider upping your protein intake if you’ve intensified your daily exercise routines.

5. You don’t sleep enough!

Skimping on ZZZs can pile on the pounds, so hit the pillow at an appropriate time each night! Sleep deprivation can lead to a sluggish metabolism, making it harder to burn enough calories to lose weight. Meanwhile, your body repairs itself while asleep, and produces hunger and fullness hormones which it then sends to your brain while you’re awake. A lack of sleep ups your body’s production of grehlin, the hunger hormone, which in turn stimulates your appetite and can trigger weight gain.

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