10 Weight Loss Mistakes Sabotaging Your Progress

6. You don’t eat enough fats.

Contrary to popular belief, consuming fat can have you burning more fat over time. Monounsaturated fats, AKA healthy fats, raise good cholesterol and reduce bad cholesterol levels. Meanwhile, these nutrients are your weight loss secret weapon; they keep your insulin and blood sugar levels in check, which controls your appetite, provides you energy, and helps your body blast fat at a faster rate. Load up on fatty superfoods like avocados, olive oil, and salmon!

7. You’re popping weight loss supplements!

Diet supplements grant promises that seem, well, a little too good to be true, and that’s because they are. When it comes to weight loss, there’s no “magic pill” to flush away your undesirable pounds. Companies have released over the counter fat-burning supplements that have dangerous side effects and can do more harm than good. No research exists to back up the extravagant claims made by certain diet pills, and these drugs can put your health at risk that can both prolong and complicate your weight loss efforts over time.

8. You have regular cheat days.

Indulging every so often in a cheat meal is certainly encouraged, since depriving yourself indefinitely from your favorite guilty pleasures will only leave you feeling hangry and unsatisfied! In fact, cheating on your diet once a week can make it easier to shed pounds, since the idea of a drool-worthy reward will help you stay on track and boost your motivation levels. By contrast, a plan devoid of any delicious incentives will pave the path for a dreary, mundane weight loss journey.

Meanwhile, research shows that a weekly cheat meal will boost leptin, a protein that regulates weight and helps you lose fat over time.

9. You don’t strength train.

When it comes to exercise for weight loss, the treadmill doesn’t cut it! Strength training is critical in order to slim, trim, and lose inches, especially if you’ve reduced your calorie intake and ramped up your workout routines. Weight lifting and strength helps you build or retain lean muscle mass, which would otherwise deteriorate if you only focused on cardio. In turn, muscle mass boosts the metabolism and has you torching calories at a faster rate throughout the day, giving weight loss goals that extra nudge.

10. You’re not eating enough!

Failing to eat enough food will put your body into starvation mode. As a result, your metabolism plummets and your body clings to each and every measly calorie you consume. Not only does a sluggish metabolism disable you from burning calories and losing weight; it forces your system to adopt a fight-or-flight mentality, and ultimately retain fat for storage. Eat small, well-balanced meals and snacks on a frequent basis. This revs up your metabolism and keeps you burning calories rapidly throughout the day.

Of course, not eating enough will leave you with a grumbly tummy and an unsatisfied mindset. But hunger pangs can continue to knock on your door even if you loaded up on cals at mealtime. Check out these 5 Eating Habits that Keep You Hungry After a Meal 

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