11 Ways to Heal and Strengthen Your Body

Heal up before powering up.

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Our active, daily lives, combined with our love for fitness, put a beating on our bodies. As hard as you work, you need to relax in order to heal. These workouts and tips will leave your body stronger by healing muscles and joints and easing their pain.

1. Ankle Workout to Prevent Injuries 
Your ankles support your whole body, so support them with this workout.

2. Elbow Workout to Prevent Injuries
With all of the pushing and pulling that you do, your elbows need some healing. This workout will help your range of motion.

3. Hand & Wrist Workout to Prevent Injuries
With all of the lifting, carrying, typing, and texting you do, this workout will help to readjust and relax both wrist and hand.

4. Knee Workout to Prevent Injuries 
Running, walking, lunges, and squats strain our knees. Use this routine to strengthen your knees and your legs.

5. Hip Workout to Prevent Injuries 
Our midsections are important in meeting our bodies’ daily demands. Use this hip workout to always stay balanced.

6. Neck Workout to Prevent Injuries 
Treat neck pain from constantly staring down into electronics with this strengthening workout.

7. Shoulder Workout to Prevent Injuries
Take on the weight of the world with this workout.

8. How to Train When You’re Injury Prone
Not all bodies are created equal. Here are some tips if your body becomes injured frequently.

9. 5 Foods to Fight InflammationHealthy Foods to Heal Your BodyDelicious ingredients can help take the swelling away. Start cooking with these healing foods.

10. 7 Tips for Injury Proof Running
Running can take a toll on your whole body. Use these tips to prepare your body for it all.

11. Tips for Relieving Sore Muscles After a Tough WorkoutHeal Your MusclesSoreness means hard work, but you can help relieve it. These tips will have you ready for another workout in no time.

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