14-Day Abs Challenge

14-days to build a stronger, sleeker core!

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The best part about fitness is feeling healthy, however, having sleek looking abs is also a huge plus! If you’re looking to tone and strengthen your abdominal muscles, check out our fast and effective 14-day Abs Challenge!

It’s a simple challenge that is perfect for beginners, although even the fittest women can benefit from it! This 2-week ab challenge incorporates three different moves that will target your core muscles from all different angles. As the days progress, the workouts will get just a little more challenging, helping you to sculpt and shape a beautiful tummy.

In addition to being simple, this 14-day routine is also incredibly flexible, meaning that you can do it as an early morning workout, on your lunch break, or as part of your regular gym routine. Whatever works best for you! Are you ready to crunch, twist, and plank your way to a strong and sexy core?

14-Day Abs Challenge

What you need: a mat or towel / a timer / a small weight (optional)

What to do: Complete the assigned number of repetitions for the first two moves. Set your timer for the designated amount of time for the third move. You’re only required to perform each exercise once per day, however you may increase the difficulty and complete as many rounds as you’d like! 

Be sure to watch the video above to see how to perform each exercise. 

There is also an option to download and print this challenge, at the bottom of this post.

Day 1

  • Jackknife Crunch: 10
  • Russian Twist: 20
  • Plank: 20 seconds

Day 2

  • Jackknife Crunch: 12
  • Russian Twist: 22
  • Plank: 20 seconds

Day 3

  • Jackknife Crunch: 14
  • Russian Twist: 24
  • Plank: 20 seconds

Day 4

  • Jackknife Crunch: 16
  • Russian Twist: 26
  • Plank: 30 seconds

Day 5

  • Jackknife Crunch: 18
  • Russian Twist: 28
  • Plank: 30 seconds

Day 6

  • Jackknife Crunch: 20
  • Russian Twist: 30
  • Plank: 30 seconds

Day 7

  • Jackknife Crunch: 22
  • Russian Twist: 32
  • Plank: 40 seconds

Day 8

  • Jackknife Crunch: 24
  • Russian Twist: 34
  • Plank: 40 seconds

Day 9

  • Jackknife Crunch: 26
  • Russian Twist: 36
  • Plank: 40 seconds

Day 10

  • Jackknife Crunch: 28
  • Russian Twist: 38
  • Plank: 50 seconds

Day 11

  • Jackknife Crunch: 30
  • Russian Twist: 40
  • Plank: 50 seconds

Day 12

  • Jackknife Crunch: 32
  • Russian Twist: 42
  • Plank: 50 seconds

Day 13

  • Jackknife Crunch: 34
  • Russian Twist: 44
  • Plank: 60 seconds

Day 14

  • Jackknife Crunch: 34
  • Russian Twist: 44
  • Plank: 90 seconds

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