15 Clean Lunches You’ll Love

We'll help you eat clean when the clock strikes lunchtime!

We’ve all been there. A hectic morning has you rushing out the door without a packed lunch, only to leave you starving when noon rolls around. Don’t be caught empty-handed at lunchtime! Planning ahead is essential in order to avoid resorting to diet-damaging fast food. Convenient, portable, and healthy lunch recipes seem hard to come by these days, especially ones that maintain delicious flavor.

But we assure you they exist! Recipes with simple instructions, nutritious ingredients, and transportability make eating clean easy on the go. We’ve compiled our top clean lunches. From pizza lasagna rolls to taco salad, these healthy, satisfying meals will fill you on busy days. For a yummy lunch that’ll be waiting as you dash out the door, simply prep, pack, and pop these recipes in the fridge!

1. Spaghetti Squash Pasta Salad
Spaghetti Squash Pasta Salad

Savory spaghetti squash subs in for semolina pasta in this recipe. Instead of scarfing down a carb-rich dish, you’re enjoying a plateful of vegetables!

2.Chickpea Cucumber SaladChickpea Cucumber Salad
In this recipe, vibrant Mediterranean flavors and textures are tossed with a hint of honey and mint for a refreshing lunch.

3. Overstuffed Veggie Sandwich
Overstuffed Veggie Sandwich

You can’t overdo it with veggies! This savory sandwich overflows with scrumptious goodness and a fiery kick. Fun to eat and certain to satisfy, this overstuffed sandwich tops the health charts.

4. Italian Caprese Sandwich
Italian Caprese Sandwich2

Another monotonous day at the office? Nonsense! Spice it up with this zesty Italian sandwich bursting with colorful veggies and midday deliciousness.

5.Spring Salad in an Avocado
Spring Salad in an Avocado

Mmm – a buttery avocado half cradles deliciously crunchy greens in this too-pretty-to-eat dish!

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Ellie is a full-time violinist living in Las Vegas, and a writer with an insatiable appetite for clean eating and fitness! She is a graduate of Binghamton University with degrees in English literature and violin, and loves investigating the world of healthy living.

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