15-Minute Arms Blast Workout

This 15-minute arms blast workout is a fast-paced, isolated workout to tone and strengthen your biceps, triceps, and shoulders.

Your arms are easily the most visible body part you can work on. Look left or right and they’re there. How do they look? If you’re not too pleased with how your arms look or feel, a fat-blasting and muscle building arm workout is exactly what you’ll need. This 15-minute arms blast workout is a fast-paced, isolated workout to tone and strengthen your biceps, triceps, and shoulders.

Arm workouts are great for your fitness goals. If done in front of a mirror, each curl, dip, push, and press pumps up your bicep and tricep for visual joy. Seeing the muscle grow right in front of your eyes is rewarding and motivating.

To burn fat, you’ll need to build muscle. For this workout, you’ll need medium dumbbells — 10 to 15 pounds — a chair or bench, and an interval timer to get your heart pumping.

15-Minute Arms Blast Workout

arm workout

Perform each exercise for one minute with no rest in between exercises. Rest for one minute after each round. Give your arms a nice shake to get the blood flowing again. Perform this workout at least twice a week to start toning down your arms.

  • Pushup: One of the best arm exercises. No equipment required so you can do them anywhere. Modify as needed.
  • Hammer Curl: A great exercise to build your biceps and add a little bump at the peak.
  • Shoulder Press: Once of my favorite exercises. If you want to lift heavy, sit in a chair that offers full spinal support.
  • Chair Dip: A great bodyweight exercise to isolate triceps. Modify as needed.
  • Bicep Curls: Every arm workout needs bicep curls. Use fluid motions to isolate each bicep.
  • Close Tricep Press: Another favorite. Keep the weights together throughout each rep.
  • Lateral Raises: A great total arm workout. Keep a tall and strong spine and lift until your hands are just shoulder high.

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Hammer Curl

Shoulder Press

Chair Dip

Bicep Curls

Close Grip Tricep Press

Lateral Raises

Balance this arm workout with a leg workout that blasts fat, too. Try our Slim and Toned Legs Workout Challenge and enjoy pushing your legs through as they shake from exhaustion.

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