3 Easy Tricks to Improve Hair Texture

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Hair texture gives your hair body, personality, and a bit of a bounce when you walk or move your head. It can be done by adding volume or style to your hairstyle. Although flawless hair may seem unattainable, improving your hair texture is actually easy! SkinnyMs. will show you how. Check out our 3 easy tricks to improve hair texture!

1. Hair Color or Wave

3 Easy Tricks to Improve Hair Texture3

Consider getting a body wave or adding highlights to your hair. A body wave is different from the tighter curls you would get from a perm. Body waves add soft, loose waves that will help your hair hold styles. Consult with a stylist before doing a wave to determine what size rods and diameters are best for your hair. Use Yelp and search “body wave” to find a salon in your area.

Getting highlights is another great way to create texture. Highlights emphasize parts of your hair in certain lighting. Keep in mind hair dye will change the feeling of your hair, making strands less sleek since hair cuticles are opened to absorb color during the process. But that means it holds hairstyles better, especially if your hair is super slippery.

2. Texturizing Product

3 Easy Tricks to Improve Hair Texture2

Try using a dry shampoo to lift your roots and keep hair from falling flat. Texturizing sprays will give the same effect. We like Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Spray dry shampoo or texturizing spray.

3. Finger comb and Braid

3 Easy Tricks to Improve Hair Texture4

Instead of combing your hair with a brush next time your shower, try running your fingers through your hair. Using a brush takes the natural volume and thickness out of your hair. Create volume and texture easily by using your hands to shake out the wetness in your hair when your blow dry. You can also try putting your hair into a braid when it is damp or twirl it into a loose bun. When you take the braid or bun out, use a texturizing cream for hold. We like Sexy Hair Style Slept in Texture Creme.

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